Sunday, December 26, 2010

When You See It On Paper

Everyday we are amazed at what we see God doing.  When we are in Kyrgyzstan, our days and many nights are filled with being with people of all ages, most with overwhelming needs.  Lynn and Ruby just wrote their final journal for 2010 and we are truly amazed and thankful for the many open doors to us.  When we saw it on paper, it was hard to believe.

     Ruby purchasing supplies for the home for invalid men

Here is from the LAMb Journal for 2010:

December 23, 2010

We wish you the best for next year - that your family will be blessed and filled with joy, peace and that you will have a year that meets your passion and allows you to serve one another. We thank you for your continued support and prayers. We are blessed to have you as a supporter and a friend.


As we write this, it is two days before Christmas. We are in Brazil with family – enjoying four grandchildren whom we have not seen for two years. It is both a blessing and a joy to be here to spend time with this section of our family. And of course we continue in ministry here as well – looking closely at how we might serve and continue to carry out the mission and goals of LAMb International.

  • Had the pleasure of sharing the ministry of LAMb with the English speaking section of the church here in Uberlandia.
  • Will be sharing with the Brazilian church on January 2, 2011 – the work of LAMb in Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan.
  • Will be preaching the service to the Brazilian church here in Uberlandia on January 2, 2011.
  • Checking out the child welfare system of Brazil – introducing them to the Field Guide to Child Welfare.
  • Reviewing how the churches here work in orphan ministry and of course we will check out the local orphanage.

What an amazing thought – looking over the past year and seeing all that has occurred. We stand in awe and wonder and feel humbled by what has been. We cannot begin to list all that occurred over the last year, yet we recall so many blessings, and moments that took our breath away:

          Emma (r) with three young ladies from the Kara Balta orphanage.

  • The miracle of getting a new eye lense for Medina
  • The makeover for Jessica’s family in Tokmok, Kyrgyzstan
  • The purchase, renovation and furnishing of Dayspring Family Life Resource Center
  • Starting the art department at the Home for Disabled Men in Iskra, Kyrgyzstan
  • Lecture series established and completed for Bishkek Humanitarian University
  • Completing the upstairs heating for the senior home at the Kemin Senior Home
  • Bringing new furnishings into Kemin
  • Hiring a family to serve at Dayspring
  • The surgery support for Asimba’s heart – as well as other surgeries
  • Teams joining us in Kyrgyzstan to help us
  • The miracle of getting the team safely out of Kyrgyzstan when the revolution broke out – seeing God’s hand at work getting us through a crowd of hundreds
  • Seeing Adopt Ukraine getting families back home safely and other children into adoptive homes and churches motivated to help find adoptive homes
More of 2010 
 Bekah (r) with Anya at the Kara Balta orphanage. Anya will be aging out of the orphanage in two years with no plans after that.

 More of 2010
  • Conducting the first ever Christian conference in Ukraine for adoptive parents
  • Partnership with Alliance for Ukraine Without Orphans
  • Promoting both Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan without orphans as a passionate focus for next year
  • Bringing a team from Kyrgyzstan to Ukraine to learn more about alternatives to orphanages
  • Working with US partner Institute for Human Services to bring best practice written materials and training to both Kyrgyzstan and to Ukraine
  • Bringing two doctors to Kyrgyzstan to teach and work with nationals in the area of disabilities and child abuse
 More of 2010
  • Serving churches through teaching, cell groups in our apartment, preaching and sharing the love of Jesus to all
  • Bringing humanitarian aid to many – food, clothing and supplies needed for survival
  • Team members, Pastor David and Jayne Schooler who are teaching at the International University of Central Asia, ministering to young adults and church members who seek counsel on many issues
  • Teaching and training in the area of child welfare in Ukraine and in Kyrgyzstan
  • Consulting to NGO’s who are growing, struggling or in need of help as they work to develop their ministry
  • Approval of our charitable status in the beginning of the year – allowing us to formalize our work
  • Adding John and Julie Wright to our LAMb team along with their daughters Bekah and Emma
  • Distribution of hundreds of sets of the Field Guide to Child Welfare in both Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine
  • Continued teaching of the Life Skills Curriculum – in both Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan and sending it out to other countries for use
  • Translation, distribution of Telling the Truth to Your Adopted or Foster Child – written by Jayne Schooler and Betsy Keefer

     John with three dynamic young people - two of these children were rescued from a future in a orphanage and now are with their birth mother and doing very well.
    David with these beautiful children on the Dayspring cleaning day.

 More of 2010
  • Training of all the adoptive government leaders in Ukraine
  • Ministering to families one on one in both Ukraine and in Kyrgyzstan
  • Pastor David and Jayne ministering in Poland and New Zealand
  • Seeing the miracles of service of our co-founders while handling one medical issue after another – yet never missing a moment of LAMb service
  • Experiencing the commitment of others wanting to support and help the ministry of LAMb
  • The dedication of those who have embraced the vision of LAMb
  • The diligence and endurance of our prayer partners
  • The growing support in team members and financial support of LAMb International
  • The anonymous donor of the matched funds of $25,000 and the subsequent LAMb INTERNATIONAL gifting of our sponsors for over $50,000

Dayspring Cleaning Day - Julie and I are often behind the camera, so I had to look hard to find one of her. Julie is in the center back row with a black sweater....this was an unforgettable day!

So what is next for LAMb? Continued work teaching and training in the former Soviet Union – bringing hope and dignity to those we serve. Sharing the love of Jesus, through words and actions as outlined in James 1:27. Stopping for the one God places in front of us and encouraging others to join a mission team, work alongside of us and share personal gifts and talents to carry out the GREAT COMMISSION  “go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you, and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” (Mt.29:19,20 NASV, emphasis added)

We serve an AWESOME GOD.  We thank Him everyday for the privilege we have of serving Him.  We look forward to an exciting new year.  We feel God is preparing us to continue our work in Central Asia and also perhaps a new thing.  Thank you for your prayers. We will keep you posted. 

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Saying Thanks for So Many

This season of Christmas brings warm memories of many people.  As I reflect on the many friends we have, my mind goes to many people who sacrificed their time in supporting Dayspring Family Resource Center in Kyrgyzstan.  Whenever one tries to thank people for their contribution, there is always the risk of leaving someone out.  Please forgive us for that. 

We want to thank the following people for their work in selling many candles each and thank you care and concern for the work overseas.   
Sarah Stansberry, Mark Huber, Melinda Murphy, Chris Albee, Crystal Johnson, Ken Snelling, Sue Burchwell, Andy Combs, Claudia Brown, Kim Gebele, and Linda Rosser.

Many friends also bought candles for their families and friends and we thank you as well.

We are looking forward to the opening of Dayspring in the new year and will keep all of you posted!

May you have a blessed Christmas and incredible New Year.

The journey continues for all of us….

It Is Christmas Everyday for a While In Krygyzstan

If you want to experience an incredible blessing, please visit the blog of our partners, John, Julie, Emma and Bekah.  Your heart will be warmed, we are sure.  Seeing these pictures has made us pretty homesick for over there.

Here is his link:

Have a blessed Christmas...David and Jayne

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Making a Difference One Candle at a Time

What can the light of one candle do?  Dispel the darkness.  What can the light of over 729 candles do?  Just imagine. 

In early October we announced the incredible gift of StarwickCandles - all the profits from the candles sold that month would go into the work of the Dayspring Family Resource Center in Krygyzstan.

Jen Hauk and Carrie Combs caught the vision and spent hours and hours of work getting the candles made and shipped. Jen, who is the owner of Starwick Candles, and Carrie, are a key part of the newly formed Lamplight Orphan Care Ministry in our church - The Shelter Community Church in Dayton, Ohio.

We are so excited to announce what happen!  Over $2,800 dollars has been given to the ministry of Dayspring. With the matching gift promise that really means $5,600. Now coats, shoes, boots, clothes, school supplies, nutritional items, etc...will fill the cabinets of the new foster family home.

All that will happen because our friend, Jen, made 729 candles.  Jen and her dear friend, Carrie, spent countless hours in preparing the orders, making contacts, making the candles, getting them shipped out....and a thousand things we don't even know about.

These candles will light the homes of hundreds of familes and friends across the US. They also light hope into the lives of abused and neglected children in Tokmok, Krgyzstan.

THANK YOU JEN AND CARRIE and the many, many who helped you!  What an incredible blessing you are in our lives.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Medina's Story - New Hope for a Brighter Future

“Medina was so happy today I have never seen her like that!” These words, sent to us from our team member, Natalia, describe a life-changing event for a precious 12 year old in Krygyzstan.

The journey with Medina and her family began 18 months ago when we first saw her, and her younger sister and brother. Our team, joined by social workers from Cleveland, was visiting in a children’s park. As a special treat, the team had planned an afternoon lunch for the orphanage children who were brought there to play. As the group of orphanage children made their way into the little house for lunch, three little children, standing aside from the group, caught Lynn’s eye. He knew right away that these children needed help and the most immediate need was something to eat. He scooped them up and took them into the luncheon with the other children.

The first day we met Medina and her siblings. This was a kingdom moment - one to yet be fully revealed.

That gesture – stopping for ones that God placed in front of us – began a journey with this family, we call Jessica’s family. Jessica, a social worker on that visiting team was captured by the pressing need of the family and became involved with intervention work with them right away. Thus the name - Jessica's family.

Over the past 18 months, LAMb with the help of many sponsors has provided humanitarian aid to this family, including a complete apartment makeover last April. However, one particular challenge confronted us every time we visited the family. Little Medina, due to an accident, was blind in one eye and her appearance was greatly impacted by it. We wondered could something be done. The answer came months later - YES!

You can just imagine how very self conscious this beautiful young girl felt everyday of her life.

Medina's life changed with the events of last week. Here is the note from Natalia:

I took Medina and Ainura –her mother to eye hospital. Today Medina got her new eye lense. The doctor taught Medina and her mother how to put the eye lense in and out and how to keep it clean.

Medina was so happy today I have never seen her like that. Her mother said so many warm words to you and the people who are involved in that. They both were so appreciative and grateful.
                          Medina's smile speaks volumes.
           The doctor, Medina and her mother.

David and I are learning experientially more and more all the time that life changing ministry happens in small things – a hand extended in love, a gift of encouragement, hope given for the future. All of these are wrapped in this gift of restoration for beautiful Medina from a couple in West Chester, Ohio who wanted to make a difference.

Thank you all who have given to the on-going ministry of LAMb International. Your gifts open doors just like this one.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

WOW We Are Almost There!

From November 1 - December 31, we have a matched fund donor who will match up to $25,000 - giving LAMB International $50,000.

We are almost see how close we are, visit.....

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

He is the Reason for the Season

If you are needing a spiritual uplifting this Christmas season, visit this link. It is awesome. Thank you Karen H. for sending it us.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Different Type of Gift Catalog

When one thinks of a gift catalog, it is generally with personal interest. Christmas time and Sears catalogs are part of warm memories as I remember many hours pouring over the toy section each year as a child. Now I look at more advanced "toys" like cell phones, ipods, and laptop computers. However,  a catalog I saw today wasn't about me...thankfully.

This morning at The Shelter Church where David and I attend church, I picked up a gift catalog, but it wasn't anything like I had ever seen.  It was a catalog of humanitarian needs and places where resources and time could go. I was fascinated by the idea and so very proud of our church family as we see a deepening and widening of ministry there.

This catalog got me to thinking about not only the humanitarian needs listed in our church gift catalog, but so many here is another gift catalog to prayfully look over.

For more information about this catalog gift visit this website:

For more information on this "gift selection" visit:

For more information on the following needs, please visit  On the left of the blog is information about how to give to these specific needs - the Canada Helps button. All financial gifts to LAMb International will be matched until December 31st up to $25,000.

The following are local "gift selections" of time and one's presence.

Contact information to deliver coats and blankets to local bins contact:

Contact information to share in this gift of your presence,
contact Brad Colwell - 937-272-7236

Other Gift Suggestions from The Shelter today...

  • Coin Up Laundry Minister - Give away quarters in laundry mats as random acts of kindness..helping a family with their laundry.
  • Write a note of encouragement to someone who may be experiencing his/her first holiday without a loved one.
  • Create your own family the eyes of your heart to the people around you. Find a need and meet it in your local community this holiday season..
We really like this gift catalog the best over anything we have ever seen! 
Have a blessed Christmas season as we know that He is the Reason...for this Blessed Season.

Sunday, November 21, 2010




by Maxim Slivka - Director of Marketing and Development (ILDC Ukraine)

This was not just an event. I would say it was historical event that may bring great change in the lives of many children in Ukraine.

Over 500 people gathered together at a conference in Kiev all committed to seeing a Ukraine Without Orphans in 2015. Hard to think or even imagine of this could have been possible, but many believe it is. We believe and hope that Ukraine can lead the former USSR in showing others how to divert children from orphanages

This great event was not just a conference but rather a challenge for churches, NGO’s and parents to get involved and take on the heart of the orphan. Today we share the hope and the passion to see a mobilized partnership of NGO's joining together and creating a NEW REALITY for children waiting for families - for children who would otherwise be quickly placed into an orphanage.

ILDC is the child welfare arm of LAMb International.  For more information, visit their blog:

Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Vision for Poland

What an incredible and motivated group of people!  These were our thoughts as we worked with the Adoption Centre key workers in Wroclaw, Poland this past week.  On Monday and Tuesday during the day, we met with a group of government workers, non-government agencies and adoptive parents as we fashioned a vision for a new training program in the country.  Currently, once a family adopts, they have no post adoption training or support and the Adoption Centre wants to change all that.
This is the work team looking to bring post finalization adoption training to families in Poland.
While the plans are still in the early stages, we hope to hear soon that they have received a grant which would fund the development of this post adoption training program. This program will be modeled after the program written by the Institute of Human Services and the Ohio Child Welfare training program and be the first of its kind in Poland..  How fun is this!

During the evening, we had the privlege of once again speaking with adoptive families. Last spring, during our first visit there, we met so many committed families. It was good to renew acquaintances with them and to meet many more.
 David shares with adoptive families on Monday evening.
 These participants are both adoptive parents and adoption workers.

While there, Andrei, an adoptive father and our host while in Poland shared a video from a  national TV news broadcast that was filmed last spring during our visit.  We wanted to add this to our "scrapbook" of memories, so I have posted it below.
We thoroughly enjoyed our time with Andrzej, Kasha and their daughter, Maya.  This young couple is a real force in pursing support and education for adoption parents.

The Spring Video

We returned on Wednesday evening to Kiev, Ukraine to spend our last two days here working with the incredible staff of the International Leadership and Development Center. We look forward to returning home over the weekend to family and friends.  This has been a God-given incredible adventure and we hope, somewhere along the way, we have helped someone.

Thank you for checking in with us on our blog.....the journey continues

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hope for Orphans - Ukraine without Orphans by 2015

They came from many different towns and villages. Some traveled for hours - others just across town. What brought the over 500 people together this weekend in Kiev was an emerging vision. Empowered with the call of God's word to take care of orphans, dreamers came with a dream - Ukraine without Orphans by 2015

Christian organizations, church leaders, Christian family centers and foster and adoptive parents came together for the first Alliance National Conference. The goal of this conference was to issue the call for churches to step up and care for the thousands of children living without parental care in one of the 88 orphanages scattered throughout Ukraine or in other devastating life circumstances.

Much like sister movements in the United States  (i.e. Christian Alliance for Orphans) this Ukrainan movement could very well change the face of child welfare in this country. It was an incredible privilege to be part of this remarkable movement.  It is hoped that the Alliance in Ukraine will be a model to other countries on how the church can impact the lives of orphans.

 Ruby Johnston, co-founder of ILDC, told us of this adoptive father's incredible story of child rescue.

                            Coffee break time between workshops.
 Ruby, along with staff member and translator, Anya, challenged the groupto consider the power of networking.
 Our book. "Telling the Truth to Your Adopted or Foster Child" has been translated into Russian. We were asked to do a book signing on Friday evening and had the opportunity to present an adoption workshop on Saturday. What a gift we have been given to serve here.
The ILDC staff in Ukraine, l to r - Max, Oleg, Anya and Vika are pictured with the leaders of Co-Mission, an incredible resource organization located in Ukraine, Russia and the US.

We leave Sunday afternoon for our final work week overseas and will be joining our family just in time for Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Great Day with Ukrainian Social Workers and Foster Families

This week finds us in a different place, so different from Krygzstan, but in many ways the people are the same...kind, gracious and open. We have been training at the ILDC headquarters in Kiev, Ukraine. ILDC, the International Leadership and Develpment Center was born out of the work of LAMb International and its initiative is to impact the system of child welfare in this country.

Today, we started a two day training called, "Wounded Children, Healing Homes:How Traumatized Children Impact Adoptive and Foster Families." It is adapted from our book by the same title. We find that foster parents and adoptive parents struggle with many of the same issues around the world and it is our hope, that in one small way, we will encourage them and help them.

Today was almost too much fun...thought we would share a glimpse of the day...please click on this link to see the fun!


At the end of this week, we have the privilege of attending and speaking at the "Ukraine Without Orphans" Alliance National Conference.  Church leaders and laymen are gathering from all over the country  are stepping up to their responsibility to James 1:27..taking care of orphans....It will be an awesome event.

The journey continues...home in 10 days...eager to see family and friends

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Saying Good-bye for Now

Saying good-bye to our very special friends in Krygyzstan is always difficult.  On Friday evening, we all gathered at Lynn and Ruby's apartment for a dinner together. They are already gone and it wasn't the same without them. 

Pictured here: The Wright family, Talent and Acel and family, (our foster family for Dayspring), Natalia and her friend, Sergai and some extra young people. We missed our team leaders, Lynn and Ruby as they had already left two weeks ago for work in Ukraine.

It is Sunday evening, and we are sitting in an apartment in Kiev. We are here for three days of training and then an incredible adoption conference, put together by the church leaders in this country. We are excited to be a part of it.

Our journey continues...

Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Krgyz Moment - Visiting a Foster Home and Meeting Asimba

We turned off a main road today in Bishkek onto a back street full of huge potholes, trash strewn everywhere and crumpled buildings standing next to crumpling homes. Not the most likely place to go to visit what we planned. Then we turned again, down another side road and into a drive way. We had arrived at one of the very few family type foster homes in the entire country. With a population of 5 million, there are now, we believe, only 8 are in operation scattered throughout the country. Dayspring will be the newest one in early spring.

Greeting us, Vera, the single foster mom, ushered us into the living room to enjoy tea, Krygz style – sitting on the floor. It was then we learned of her God –given passion and love for children, rescuing some right from the street, others comes from a local orphanage, still others are brought by parents who can no longer care for them. She enjoys the respect of the government, and her local and regional community. When we hear stories like today, we are again humbled at the sacrificial lives of so many who, having very little themselves, give it all away. We learned much from her today. Probably, the most profound lesson for David and me is that we need to listen more and learn from the people God has put in front of us. We don’t have all the answers for them – but they have many for us.

Vera has much to teach us and our new foster family. We talked about working together in the spring as she helps us learn more about how to take care of the children of her country.

Christine, a humanitarian worker from Norway has been working with Vera since 1996.  We heard Vera's call to the work of saving children and left humbled by her loving sacrifice.

 Two of the beautiful children we met today.
More children....
The whole crew, minus a sick one....

While we were there, we, of course, met the children. One child, Asimba, came to our attention. Here is her story. Before we left, we prayed for Asimba and the other children who were sick.

Should you be interested in helping cover the medical costs for Asimba, you can donate on the Canada Helps button and designate funds for Asimba.

We will be back to get to know our newest friend, Vera in the spring. I look forward to learning from her.

Very early Saturday morning (2:30 am), we leave for the airport and onto Kiev, Ukraine and Poland. Our time here has been rich and meaningful and we look forward to our spring return.

Monday, November 1, 2010

A Fabulous, Marvelous, Amazing Opportunity

The heartbeat of LAMb International is servanthood to the people of Ukraine, Krygzstan, Poland and more just on the horizon. When the team is on the ground together in Krygyzstan, there are ten of us - Lynn and Ruby, the Wright family of five, Natalia, our in-country director, and David and me. Back in the states, we have a team of four – Don and Johanna, Kim and Randy, who share equally in the vision of servanthood. We all have been led down different paths of ministering, teaching, preaching, supporting, intervening….the words, actually are endless. We see incredible needs everywhere, everyday, in every place we go.

Let me share our incredible news, and you will understand why we are excited. It isn’t about us….but it is about the people whose lives intersect with ours everyday. It is about the people.

         Fabulous Opportunity


We have a unique opportunity – an anonymous donor has made an amazing offer. From November 1 – to December 31 this donor will:

MATCH ALL FUNDS – up to $25,000.

This means – if we can raise $25,000 in these two months – it will be matched and give LAMb International...

                                     $50,000 to start 2011.

Please email us – with any questions. If you are interested in joining this month’s incredible opportunity, you may donate through the Canada Helps button on the right and designate it for matched gift.  You now can see why we are just downright excited!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Krygz Moment Today - Visiting Arafat

We had visited a number of times in a small village during our time here in 2008, but we never saw him.  It wasn't until a visit to that village in the spring of 2009, that we met Arafat, a toddler with a severe cleft palette. He had been kept hidden from the outside world because of his problem.  One afternoon, his parents cautiously brought him out for us to see...and the rest is history.  We posted the need for his surgery on our blog. Within a few hours, finances came into cover his first surgery and the aftercare. First surgery was completed successfully.

Now this fall, our young friend is having his second surgery, which will begin the work on closing the pallete.  On Wednesday, the day before his procedure, we stopped in the hospital to see him and his beautiful young mom.  Dad planned to come for the day of the surgery as he was home with a younger brother.

Here is our Krgyz Moment Today - Visiting Arafat

Making a Lasting Impact

For the last two weeks, a medical team from Hope Community Services in Alaska has visited Krygyzstan – Dr. William Browner, Dr. Eileen Lally (social worker) and Joanne Sullivan, a nurse. Their mission was to explore future work opportunities in the area of working with children with developmental disabilities. Every day was a new adventure for them – visiting in and teaching at a parent’s group for disabled children, a Children’s Hospital, the home for invalid men, a school for disabled children, a mental hospital and more. It is amazing what can be packed into two weeks.

Today was their last day as they leave early in the morning. They had the opportunity to teach a packed room of social workers and psychology students at the Humanitarian University in Bishkek, sharing with them on various issues around developmental disabilities.

Dr. Browner, Eileen and Joanne wholeheartedly gave of themselves these past two weeks and will leave a lasting impact. We have been told that the head doctor at the largest Children’s Hospital here has directed that their work, specifically, their developmental assessment work, be immediately implemented at his hospital. Translation of materials the team left began immediately.

Following a farewell lunch at a Russian restaurant this afternoon, we said good-bye to our very special friends.  It was just a reminder to us that in just one week, we will be saying good-bye here, as well.

 Dr Lally, (in pink) and Joanne share with three of the preschool teachers from the school for disabled children.
              Joanne speaks to the Humanitarian University students.
      Dr. Lally shares about their program in Alaska for student volunteers.
                   The room was packed for this presentation.

Monday, October 25, 2010

A Krgyz Moment Today - Thank You

Late last week, we were notified of a significant gift to the work here. It was anonymous, so we do not know who to thank for this incredible outpouring to the ministry. We wanted to let our unknown friend know just a couple of things that were done with the gift and money left over to share with whomever God brings onto our path.  We also wanted to let Lori, our afghan maker, know that they are in place in the Dayspring home.

Here is a Krgyz Moment Today - Thank you

Our journey here continues for two more weeks..

Friday, October 22, 2010

A Krygz Moment Today- Speaking into Their Young Lives

A snowy morning greeted us last Thursday as we drove to the capital city. David had the rich opportunity to speak to a class of third and fourth year students at the Humanitarian University.  Everywhere we go, we encounter the beautiful young people of this country.

David's topic for the morning was the the power of toxic emotions. We were extremely impressed with how responsive these young adults were to us. After the class, a number of students stayed to talk with us, many of them asking for help.  That is the hard part about this work is that the needs are so many and the time is so limited.  We will be seeing this group again next week as we will visit the class with another colleague.

Here is A Krygz Moment Today - The Humanitarian Class

Our days are usually very full, leaving early in the morning and getting home late.  The experiences are so varied. Just yesterday, we had an early morning meeting with our Dayspring foster mom, helped complete a grant that if received, will provide an English program for a group of teens at the orphanage, had a meeting with the univeristy president on a summer work program overseas, met with the journalism staff for planning, We ended the day with a quiet dinner with our Alaskan friends.

It is Saturday morning and we woke up to realize that we only have this Saturday and next before heading to Ukraine, Poland and then home.  We are asking God to clearly direct our steps in these last few days here as we want to be doing His work to the best of our abilility. 

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Coal Has Arrived

Due to the sacrificial giving of a number of friends of ours in Lebanon, Ohio, coal has been provided for the seniors' home, Dayspring Foster Family Home and a local pastor and family.  Exciting news over the weekend was that additional funds were given to put pipes in on the second floor of the seniors' home so that the men who sleep up there will be warm throughout the night.

We can express our appreciation enough for the many of you who have picked up this need and responded.

Thank you....


Our journey here continues....

Friday, October 15, 2010

getting the whole picture

Our schedules are often busy from early morning until late in the evening, we don't always have time to do the blogging and video creation we would like to. 
Soon coming will be a video of the beginning of  the historic partnership between the Institute of Human Services, Tomsk University in Russia, the Humanitarian University here and our organization, ILDC (International Learning and Development Center).
Also, we plan some delightful videos of the student initiation at IUCA, the 10 year celebration of the first Christian school and finally, and extremely important, a video of the blessing gathering at Dayspring.
I mentioned all that to say this:   Please visit the blogs of our partners to get the whole picture as we all are involved in a variety of ministry. 
Stay tuned for more....the journey continues

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What Can a Ham and Bean Dinner and Auction Do?

We are so privileged to have friends at home sharing in the ministry with us here in Krygyzstan.  Last weekend was a very special event, that in reality, will have life-sustaining results.
Hope you enjoy this thank you video to our friends at the Countryside Community Church in Lebanon, Ohio.
Here is the link to the video:
Thanks to all of you...our journey continues....

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Making A Difference One Candle at at Time

October 1 marked the launch of the month long candle sales for the Dayspring Family Resource Center.  David and I are so excited and humbled by the efforts of two young women from the Shelter Community Church of the Nazarene in Dayton, Ohio - Jennifer Hauk and Carrie Combs.  
If you would be interested in purchasing a candle, or two or three for gifts - they will be ready just before Christmas.  All profits for the month of October go directly into the fund for Dayspring.  To order, visit Jen's website -  and  click on the Dayspring Fundraiser or  email them at
 Here is Jennifer's letter to those partnering with them to sell candles during the month of October.


I wanted to take a moment and thank you for helping in making a difference in the lives of God's children.  The Dayspring mission touches my heart in a personal manner as I am a child of adoption.  I was blessed to have been adopted by a loving family at the age of 3 weeks.  The children of Dayspring are looking at different circumstances all together.  Being older, they are all too aware of what is occurring…losing the security of their familiar lives for multitudes of reasons.  Our hopes and prayers are that through the Dayspring Family Life Resource Center, these children will have their sense of hope and security restored by the love of Christ.

Starwick Candles emerged three years ago with two friends making candles for Christmas gifts that evolved into dreaming of having our own business.  Little did we know that with the Lord's leading, doors would be opened to this awesome opportunity to help support Dayspring.  It wasn't by chance that this kindled a passion within me for vulnerable children of the world.  I am excited to pursue this passion and with your help take action in making a difference in the Kingdom of Christ one candle at a time!

Thank you for your time and effort!


Jennifer Hauk, Carrie Combs & Starwick Candles

Thank you Jen, Carrie and the many that are helping you with this effort. May God prosper your vision.

Winter Threatens Homeless Seniors

Can you image for one moment, being elderly and alone? Can you imagine for one moment being elderly, alone and hungry? Can you imagine for one moment being elderly, alone, hungry and sick?

Thousands of precious elderly around the world spend their every waking moment wondering who will come or if anyone will come to help them. Homeless and forsaken by family, they are left to die alone.

The harsh reality is that our team here is Krygyzstan cannot make a difference for the hundreds of thousands around the world. But, with the help of those who have captured our vision, we have made a difference in Kemin, Krygyzstan.

Many of you have followed our blog for over two years now and know of the efforts of a family, who by themselves stepped up to provide care, shelter and love to the homeless in Kemin. Their efforts have been remarkable.  Many of you have offered help in many ways – providing money for food, clothes, blankets and money for a heating system.  God's people have been incredible in their response. About two weeks ago, we learned of another life-threatening need for this homeless shelter.  They have a heating system, but no coal to put into it.

In this short video, David introduces you to the family who cares for soon-to-be 20 residents and to the need they have. Some of our friends at home have offered to help.

If for any reason, you would like to share in this need, please contact us and will we let you know how.

Thank you for sharing our journey.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Getting Ready for the Children:Cleaning Day at Dayspring Family Foster Home

Wednesday evening was quite the historic event...over 25 people gathered to clean construction dust and prepare Dayspring for the arrival of the new foster family this weekend. What was of great significance is that eight of the children involved in the cleaning were once in a very difficult orphanage. They now have been either restored to their birth mom and doing very well or in another foster type family thanks to the committed work of the Wrights.  Children will be moving in after the first of the year following training preparation of the family and staff and also to give the foster family time to adjust to their new home and responsibilities.
Hope you enjoy the video - we had fun!
To view - click on this link
Thank you for all your support! The journey continues..

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Things are Moving and a Launch

Yesterday, we visited Dayspring and watched as tremendously heavy bunkbeds were delivered for the family foster home.  To fully appreciate what this was, please visit Lynn and Ruby's blog....    You will find some great pictures.
October 1 is the launch of the candle-selling project, spearheaded by special friends, Jennifer Hauk and Carrie Combs from The Shelter Community Church in Dayton, Ohio.  All profits from this project will go directly into Dayspring. We will share this exciting news on Friday..
Thank you for all your care and support for the work here.....the journey continues...

Friday, September 24, 2010

A Big Birthday Party and the Circus

Wednesday evening was a big evening for the 120 children at a local orphanage.  The LAMb team threw a great big party for the children with September birthdays. John and Julie are the "party throwing  masters," and nothing is too big for them to plan.  It is nothing for them to buy cakes for 120, drinks for 120, birthday presents for a number of children and if that isn't enough, it is nothing for them to plan to take 120 children to the circus – ordering the bus and all.  This is what makes our team so fun and hopefully effective. We all bring strengths to the vision of sharing hope and encouragement.  We all are so thankful to donors who make these events possible
David and I thoroughly enjoy being with the children as we often go with the Wrights on these BIG outings.  It is always a joy…and it is always sad for us, too.  We look into the eyes of these children – momentarily happy, distracted by songs, cakes and presents- and know that life will return to their normal in the morning. 
The adults we met at this orphanage are doing everything in their power to provide a safe, caring place for children, but the job must feel overwhelming.   I just got off the phone with John sharing with him a newfound compassion for the staff there.  With so little time here, I am not sure what David and I could even do to help them or encourage them, but we are going to ask the question.
Hopefully, the video below will allow a glimpse into the lives of these precious children.
Since our normal way of posting is not available, please check on this link to view the birthday party.

BREAKING NEWS: Dayspring Lamplighter Candle Sales to be Launched October 1.  Stay tuned!

Friday, September 17, 2010

We Invite You To Our Virutal Tour of Dayspring

Yesterday, the part of the LAMb team now here visited Dayspring for the first time. We were astounded at what we was more than the brick and is the vision of a safe, nurturing home for children. 
Here is the link to the video:
Hope you will enjoy the virtual tour.  Lynn and Ruby arrive on Monday morning. If we thought we were busy this week...we know what's coming...and can't wait.
To learn more about how to share in the ministry of Dayspring Family Life Resource Center, please visit:
the journey continues

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cannot Wait To Show You

Today was a historic day for David and me. We had our first official tour of Dayspring Family Resource Center. This is the new foster family home that will soon be in operation. ( I hope to have a "virtual tour" up over the weekend. We are so excited. We are astounded at the size of the new home and its incredible potential for permanency for children.
On another note, we began a busy time here with teaching, making plans, visiting friends and meeting new ones and participating in a Russian class at the University. I have been working on the language for a long time by myself and it is so fun to be in a class, talking, listening and growing.  I feel much more confident to carry on a conversation.  Natalia (our translator) told me today that she doesn't have to translate "my Russian" anymore for another Russian speaker to understand. That's fun!
Amidst this new busyness, this week has been a small challenge for David as he became quite ill on Tuesday and is making a slow recovery.  He always bounces back quickly and we are already making plans for a Saturday visit to the capital with friends via the marshuka.
Please check back over the weekend for the "virtual tour" of Dayspring!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

A World I Cannot Comprehend

Photo:  A number of old friends surrounds our new friends - families who escaped the ethnic rioting in the southern part of the country.  At this point, they are living in a location not far from us, thankful to be in a peaceful place.
Our first Sunday (today) we had the privilege of meeting new friends. These men, women and children escaped the violence that ripped a part a major part of a large southern city in the summer time.  This is a world we cannot comprehend.  Last night, John and Julie told us about them and said we would feel connected to them right away. We didn't know we would see them the next morning. I told them that sometime very soon, we want to hear their story and to find out how they are really doing, especially the children after experiencing such traumatic events.
This evening we met with some friends of ours who are the leadership of Mercy Foundation and heard of so many, many needs.  As we were walking up the stairs upon coming home, we talked about our need to really seek God's direction to do what exactly He called us to do at this time.
Tomorrow, we begin our time at the University. Both of us will be teaching an 8 am class and then after that...well, as Lynn says, "it's not time to know yet." 
The  journey continues....

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What Can One Do with Hundreds of Hours?

What can one do with hundreds of hours? If one would ask Lori Pummill  of Lebanon, Ohio, that question, she would humbly reply, "make afghans for orphans."

After we arrived home last June from Krygyzstan, I had the privlege of meeting Lori. She contacted me with one question in mind. "Is there something I can do for the work in Krygzstan? I make afghans."  Immediately I thought of our Dayspring Foster Family Resource Center, the new foster family home to be opened in a few months.

Lori came to me with a history of giving as she crocheted afghans for the local crisis pregnancy center. Leaving them well supplied, she looked for another pathway to give and heard of our work overseas. On Saturday, Lori stopped by our home to leave the incredible gift of afghans for the children of Dayspring. I asked her then how many hours did she think she had in making these gifts for Dayspring? "Hundreds, probably,"she quietly responded. She also told me five more will be making their way to an orphanage in India in the next two weeks.

             Lori is surrounded by the afghans she made for Dayspring. 

Little did Lori realize that her openness and caring would touch the lives of children around the world.  Thank you, Lori! We can't wait for you to see the pictures of the children who will be warmed and loved by your generosity.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Passion Comes Before Vision - The Shelter Launches Orphan Care Ministry

David and I have had the privilege of being a part of four dynamic churches throughout our 35 years in the role of the senior pastoral family. Since we now spent alot of time overseas, we have stepped back from that position and attend, support and love the people of The Shelter Community Church of the Nazarene in Dayton, Ohio. This church came out of the West Carrollton church where we last pastored as a restart and God is doing amazing things there. It is an inner city church, which focuses its ministry on recovery.

Last week was an historic day for them as they stepped out to officially launch their orphan care ministry- The Lamplighter Orphan Care Ministry of The Shelter Community Church. Their first project will be walking alongside our family foster home in Krygyzstan.    They are dreaming of much more in the days to come.

Passion comes before vision and it will take time to listen to God as how to best full the vision of this exciting new ministry. They are first beginning this new step with an 8 week study of the book, The Hole in the Gospel. They are also partnering with other churches in this journey who have had experience in orphan care ministry.

Here is the story....

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Just A Week Away

In just one week from day, David and I will leave for our fifth trip to the beloved people of Krygystan.  To catch a glimpse of our passion for the work there, please visit our team member's blog - John and Julie Wright.  You will see why we are eager to go.

Their blog address:

To keep updated on the progress of our foster home project - Dayspring Family Life Resource Center, visit the blog....

Thank you for all your support and interest.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


(Permission pending for music used in this video)

With each day, more and more progress is completed on the renovations of the Dayspring Family Resource Center in Krygyzstan.
And what is Dayspring? It is a chance for families for children who would otherwise be placed into an orphanage in Kyrgyzstan. Together with the local churches, government and concerned individuals such as yourself, we can make a difference. Children coming to Dayspring would have gone to an orphanage - the difference here is we will be working with their families doing what we can to train and help them create the conditions to receive their children back home - we will be helping government find homes for children to be adopted into, by using our churches as resources. AND we will seek permanence for every child walking through the doors of Dayspring. We are about the love of family.....

We have a fabulous couple hired to meet the children once they come to Dayspring, they will be their mother and father at Dayspring. They will love and teach them. We are working with the local church to ensure continued support and help in growing the children and strengthening the project.

Won't you consider joining us and becoming a LAMPLIGHTER! HOW?


2. BECOME A MONTHLY SUPPORTER - We need 7 more $100 per month donors, 8 more $50 per month donors, 8 more $25 per month donors and 10 more $10 per month donors.

WHERE? Just click on the Canada Helps Button or the US button on the Dayspring blog and put in the special note section - for Dayspring and away you go. Just passing one cup of coffee a day, could help divert one child from the clutches and life in an orphanage!

We are excited as we look to the positive future of the children who will come!

David and I leave on September 9th for our sfifth trip to this beautiful country and beautiful people.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

An exciting new blog and a "baby shower"

Exciting things are happening with the work in Krygyzstan.  Progress on the renovation of Dayspring Family Resource Center is underway and we are throwing a "baby shower" for this baby project.

To keep abreast of the development of this new project, please visit the blog:

        Soon to be home to ten children who will never have to step inside the door of an orphanage.

                                        To join in the fun for the "virtual" baby shower, please visit

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Breaking News - The Wrights Join LAMB International Team

Emma, John, Julie and Bekah bring an incredible dynamic to the LAMb team. 
The Wrights doing what they love to do - love the children.


The Wright Family Joins LAMb at the River

There is a river which winds throughout the countries of Central Asia. It is a unpredictable river. It is full of crevasses and gullies, sharp boulders and tangled trees. It is a river that no one would ever think of attempting to navigate. Yet, day after day, thousands of children, families and elderly are thrown into the river even when everyone knows what’s there.

No, this isn’t a real river as we think of it, but it is the raging river of extreme poverty, hunger, severe neglect, homelessness and despair swallowing children and elderly who are thrust from the banks into its sweeping waves.

What created the river?
Krygyzstan, the Central Asia country of LAMb’s focus, is a beautiful country, but marred by severe economic conditions and political and social chaos. These conditions have led to poor living conditions, poor nutrition, poor medical care and poor education. Families are devastated and many have no fathers present in the home. There are few, if any government supports that have prevented this tragedy. With the recent events of the spring and summer of 2010, the needs have mushroomed beyond imagination. Krygyzstan desperately needs people on the banks of the river.

Who is at the river?
LAMb International and Possibilities International team members, John and Julie Wright and family have been working collaboratively on the banks of the river in Krygyzstan collaboratively for a number of years. Now, the Wrights officially joined the LAMb team on July 1, 2010. What does this mean for LAMb?

John and Julie and their daughters Emma and Bekah, will spend much of their time downstream as they have previously done. They will be pulling the homeless and needy out from the raging river – one child, one senior or one family at a time by coordinating humanitarian relief, food allocation, medical and dental assistance, and whatever presents itself.

Further upstream, the LAMb team, headed by Lynn and Ruby Johnston, will be “grabbing” children just before they are first thrown into the river and into the orphanage system. With the creation of DaySpring Family Life Resource, one the country’s first Christian based family type foster homes, ten young girls will never step across the doors of an orphanage. When they come into care, they will walk into the home and heart of the staff of Dayspring. According to Lynn and Ruby Johnston, this new project "will be the start of what is to come - children having someone to call mommy and daddy and knowing they are made special in His image!"

At the furtherest point upstream, the Johnston’s, David and Jayne Schooler and national staff will be developing training and support programs for university social workers, local social workers, schools and parents in an effort to build a system that will learn how not to throw the children and elderly into that river.

Key support people back home, facilitate resources and communication. Don and Johanna Buchanan (LAMb co-founders)and Randy and Kim Gebele are vital members of the team in the US.

LAMb’s hope is to man the river well. None of us can grab every child or senior that has fallen into the river, but we can grab some. We can also hope that the teaching and training efforts now being put in place will impact the social welfare system of this wonderful, but troubled country. There will always be a river, but perhaps, through the work of LAMb and other humanitarian groups throughout Krygyzstan, its force will be greatly minimized.

We say to John, Julie, Emma and Bekah….welcome to LAMb!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

With Eager Hearts We Long to Return

The precious people of Kyrgyzstan are never far from our thoughts and prayers, especially since the uprising in June that devastated the major city of Osh.  We hear reports of hundreds of thousands of people displaced. We hear many are attempting to survive in their burned out homes with cold weather just two months away.

We know that our small organization, LAMb International, cannot impact that large scale of need, but we can do what we can do.  The Wrights will return August 10th, we hope to return September 11th and Lynn and Ruby will be there a week later.  We talk regularly about the humanitarian crisis there.  It is very real to us because we know the people. We have seen the faces of the elderly and children caught in the middle. We may not know their names, but we know them. 

Just last night, David prayed specifically for resources...not for us to consume, but for us to use in assisting the needs of children, families and the elderly as God calls us to stop for the one He places in front of us.

Lynn and Ruby, our team founders, created a video depiciting the ravages of the war. When you see this, you will understand why we feel as we do and why we long to get back there and get our hands dirtier than ever.