Thursday, August 29, 2013

A New Territory and New Opportunity

Tonight David and I are busy packing for a new adventure.  As a result of our (LAMB) partnership with Orphan's Promise, we have been given an incredible opportunity to work in a number of their training centers in Eastern Europe.  These training centers are community outreaches to at-risk children - actually, many of them street children or nearly street kids.

Our first training center is in Armenia, which is a brand new location for us. We will be taking our trauma informed caregiver series to them, adapting it to the needs that are there. Following three days of training there, we will fly to Ukraine and then drive to western Ukraine to share with foster and adoptive parents. We hope to be a support and encouragement to them.  The final stop on our  training trip this time will be back in Kiev, at the CBN (Christian Broadcasing Network) training center for youth there.

In mid-September, I will return home and David flies on to Krygzstan for a week of meetings as he is the Chairman of the Board for IUCA, International Univeristy of Central Asia.

We are so humbled by the passion God has placed within us. We are so appreciative of the opportunity before us....the journey continues...Please check back as we will be sharing how we encounter God throughout our time with some very special and new people to us.