Saturday, July 19, 2008

Tokmok Kids Say Good-bye and Thank You To the Wrights in a Big Way

Friday Night July 18th - We Thank you

Saying "good-bye" is never easy, but the kids at the Tokmok orphanage wanted to say it in a big way to John, Julie, Emma and Bekah. They also wanted to thank them for a wonderful six months of being together. This incredible family, who has invested months of time, money and energy into these beautiful kids, leaves Kyrgyzstan on July 28. The kids have been planning this evening for two weeks - with everything from cards and small gifts, to learning how to say thank you in English to the Wright family.

Over and over again, we heard sweet, small voices in broken English say:
"John, Julie, Emma, Bekah, thank for you for spending so much time with us. God bless you." - Nastya -12

"John, Julie, Emma, Bekah, thank you that you cooked for us. I love you and I will miss you." Dema - 8

"John, Julie, Emma, Bekah, I love you and I will miss you." Victor -7

" John, Julie, Emma, Bekah, thank you for spending so much time with us. These are beautiful weeks. I love you and I will miss you. Anya -13

Each Tuesday night for the last six months, the Wrights have gone to the Tokmok orphanage to cook dinner for them and to have an evening of games and crafts. Tuesdays became very special days for these children. Besides Tuesdays, the Wrights provided many outdoor activities such as swimming, picnics, riding in a donkey cart, shopping, fishing,...the list is endless. What this family has done is no small thing. These children have experienced the meaning of love, caring, and commitment from this family. These children know they are valuable and treasured, not only in the heart of the Wright family, but in the heart of God.


Dema and Vania work on John's poster, decorating it with memories of their time with them.

Nastya and Anya had special plans for the beautiful poster they made for Julie.

Slava, Yula and Victor work together on Emma's poster. These boys love Emma and Bekah!

Sasha and Ailbeck design Bekah's poster...playing baseball and other games were a great memory for them.

Kids eagerly awaiting the Wright's arrival for the surprise party.

The kids rush to the decorated entrance to escort the guests of honor.

The staff prepared a first class dinner for the Wrights. Everything from watermelon to lamb stew to ice cream!
One by one, each child walked up to the family and shared something in English from their heart. After they were done, they all ran up for hugs.

The entire group together for one last time until.....

The Tokmok kids are not the only ones who will miss John, Julie, Emma and Bekah. They have touched the lives and brought change to the lives of hundreds in this area. We will miss them, too. We have learned much from with God, you don't draw the line of whom to help.You simply look for where He is working. He does provide the resources. We saw it over and over again. We also learned the power of flexiblity. We never know from day to day exactly what will happen.....but there is much peace in responding to the need in the moment and not trying to figure it all out.

John, Julie, Emma, the kids said to you, we do as well...May God bless you as you return home. I know from knowing all of you, your hearts will be here. We love you and will miss you.....

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

David's Weekly Perspective - Two Miracles - One Week

His New Life Begins
As I mentioned in my last Perspective, ministry involves three things: preach, teach and heal. The third component is a dynamic that cannot be easily explained, defined or taught. It is spirit-led and spirit fulfilled. There are many reasons people are not well and therefore there are many paths toward healing and wholeness – all Christ centered.

I have been granted permission to share the following story and picture with you. About a month ago, a lady named Luba came to me after I preached and taught in a morning service. She demonstrated extreme physical and emotional distress and discomfort. It was obvious for me to see before she shared it. This was a healing moment – not a preaching opportunity.

To make the story a little shorter, Luba had been angry for 25 years about something that had happened to her that many years ago. Using the principles taught by the Theophostic Ministry, she was freed from a quarter century of anger in a moment of time. I saw it go – she felt it go. It is gone.

She went home a different person. Her husband, Valera, saw the difference and asked what happened. She told him. He was very ill at 56 years old because of lifestyle issues over many years. She began to love him and care for him – something she had been unable or unwilling to do for a very long time.

After seeing the changes, he asked how it happened. Then he told her, “I would like to meet this pastor. I want what you have.” Jayne and I went to their home last week and after we talked a while he prayed to receive Christ. He told us, " my new life begins today - July 11." We saw healing on three levels: the emotional, the physical, most importantly, the spiritual. Preach, Teach and Heal.

Luba, Valera and David - Valera's new life began July 11

I often wonder why we are seeing God do so many incredible things here in Kyrgyzstan regarding healing. Could it be desperation? Could it be that there are few competent social services? I don’t know for sure.

While in Ukraine a few years ago, I preached at a large church and after I preached, I offered an invitation for any who would like to come up for me to pray a prayer of blessing over them. I thought that perhaps ten to fifty may come; I was soon overwhelmed by the hundreds that came. We did the best we could. Later that night I asked that pastor, “why did so many come?” He did not hesitate when he said, “God is all we have here. “ Maybe that is the answer.

A New School for Kyrgyzstan

The Professional Institute got its license from the government last Thursday. Everyone connected with the institute truly understands that it was a miracle of God to be granted such a license. We had only a two week window in which to get it done. And it happened! The school is now set to open August 25th. Thus begins the story of a high academic institution centered around and built upon biblical principles.

For reasons far too many to list, the Professional Institute contains the seeds of change for the totality of Kyrgyzstan. It is one of a kind here with an educational model unique to this country. I believe, if successful, it will become an oft-repeated model that will be used in many towns and small cities around the country. At the present time none exist like this anywhere outside the capital city of Bishkek.

The Professional Institute will offer degrees in languages, four to begin with. It will also offer a degree in business administration, having at its disposal, the latest in computer technologies. Other disciplines will be offered in following years. We believe we have the best academic consultants in the country who are helping staff the Institute with the best of professors.

Jayne and I are honored to be a part of this new work, supposed by the Mercy Foundation, and hope to return to teach at it in the future. We are currently working with the organizational team as the program is put together.

The staff of the Professional Institute - officially licensed on July 10.

These are exciting days in Kyrgyzstan.....The Journey Continues