Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Powerful Day Surrounded by Powerful People

He hid his face in his grandmother's shoulder....a beautiful little boy.  He just arrived home to his new family just three weeks ago.  This little one is from Haiti.  We met this precious youngster at the Maimi Valley Adoption Fair in Dayton, Ohio, this morning.  This was the start of a very powerful day. I have been surrounded the last fourteen hours by giving, loving, sharing people who are giving themselves to the lives of children all around the world - the truly powerful people.

After seeing old friends and meeting many new adoptive parents at this adoption conference, my daughter, Kristy and I went to Springfield for another powerful moment surrounded by people giving sacrifically. It was the "Kids Helping Kids" Haiti Benefit Concert. The beauty of these moments for me was that my precious family was a part of the "giving today." Here are some pictures that tell the story....

These talented children helped raise nearly $2000 for a girls' orphanage in Haiti. The young girls in Haiti were safe, but their orphanage was totally destroyed.

My granddaughter, Lissi in the middle with new, special friends. She has a beautiful voice like her grandmother - her other grandmother.  :)
                                    My grandson, Micah...a gifted young musican.

My son-in-law, Rick and daughter, Kristy both have a tremendous heart for ministry.  We hope someday they will be able to join us in Krygyzstan or where ever God may lead them in their own adventure.

Lissi and two very special new friends, Korene and Kailyn.

These sisters shared in a dance routine.

Children in our world are learning about the suffering of children around the world and are stepping up to do something about it.  If their hearts are "divinely ruined" at this young age, just think of the potential for ministry in the future.

I thank God for this powerful day, surrounded by powerful people.

We are just four weeks from leaving for our second home in Central Asia.  In the coming days, I will be sharing more about our plans, our hopes and our needs as the journey continues.

Monday, February 8, 2010

It All Works Together for Good

One of the greatest joys of our time overseas is working with our partners. We have shared alot about our dear friends, Lynn and Ruby and also about the Wrights - John, Julie, Emma and Bekah.  We all have different roles and  functions which complement and enhance our mutal love and vision for the people of this Central Asia country.

This week, John offered to write about our newest book project and is usual John - he ties everything together beautifully.  Please visit his blog to find out just how.... .

We leave in just five weeks and in the days ahead, we will be sharing what we will be doing...thank you for sharing our journey.