Friday, April 5, 2013

Your Life Touches the Lives of 10,000 Others

John Maxwell is quoted in saying that in our lifetime, we will touch the lives of 10,000 people.  We simply touch the life of one, that one in turn touches another and another and the influence God allows us continues.

In thinking about our LAMb team and the team from Ohio in light of John Maxwell's statement, it is extremely exciting and humbling.

Here are some sights from the lives of children and adults who have been along our journey this week.

From the training room - SOS Children's Village - Bishkek

Training on Trauma Informed Care with Foster Mothers and Psychologists

Training on Trauma Informed Care with Administration of SOS and Foster Aunts

The Ohio Team Touching the Lives of  Children, Disabled and Elderly

David and I have watched from afar this trip as we have been busy training social workers and orphanage care caregivers.   We heard about their experiences and here are a few pictures.  To see it all, visit the Wright's blog:   or LAMb blog:

At the Kemin Seniors Home
In a local village
We all shared in the birthday celebrations at this local orphanage

                                  These young boys all live together in the same orphanage.

Janel and the Komuz

Two years ago, six children from this orphanage wanted a Komuz....the national instrument of Kyrgyzstan. We suggested they earn it and they did. Now two years later, those instruments are still being played everyday.  We watched Janel played and were so amazed at her gift. She is playing in a concert this weekend.  We also saw that the instrument she was playing was well worn and cracked.  A friend of ours gave us a money gift to use any way we saw fit and getting a new instrument and a case just fit for us.  Thanks, Jen Archer....Janel will continue now to play. She takes musical lessons four days a week on the komuz.

Costa, our in-country director tried his hand at playing, however, in Janel's opinion, not too well.

 David and Yuri - a special little fellow we have known since the beginning of our time there in 2008.
 Ruslan was busy picking the olives off his pizza. He wanted to know if David wanted his pile of olives.
 These three had birthdays recently and we were all there to celebrate.
Two special brothers we have known for a long time.

A busy week has ended and we have one more to go.  Training next week, visiting friends and doing much planning with the LAMb team. There are a number of exciting things to share in a few weeks.

Thanks for your encouragement and support.