Friday, September 2, 2011

Getting Down to Business

After a two day postponement of our trip due to the hurricane, we arrived without incident on Wednesday morning. With only two and half short weeks here, we are busy right away.

The Board discusses the exciting things happening at IUCA
and the challenges ahead.
On Thursday, the International University of Central Asia Board met for their fall meeting. David is serving as chairman of the board and Ruby, although thousands of miles away and in the middle of the night, joined the meeting by Skype.

Classes have resumed on campus and it was wonderful to see so many of the returning students that we knew from last year.

We love IUCA and are committed to helping this most important institution grow and continue to transform the lives of students there.

Our Special Dear Friends at Mercy Foundation
This morning, we joined the staff at Mercy Foundation for their morning devotions.  We have grown to love these people over the 3.5 years we have been coming here and simply desire to support and encourage them. As we hear their stories, our hearts are broken for the tremendous struggles they have and the mountain of personal challenges they live through every day.  Please join us in praying for these precious folks. David has a very important role in ministering and counseling with a number of them.

Sharing together at morning devotions...
Up Next Week
As Lynn often is too soon to know....and we are seeking God's direction for our time here...wanting to show up where He would have us be.  What we anticipate is that David will be extremely busy with the administration of IUCA, counseling Mercy Foundation folks, meeting with students with whom he worked with last week...and the list continues.   I plan to spend a lot of time with the LAMb staff here, meeting with Larisa to plan renovation projects for the men's home, visiting the senior's home and much is unknown.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and caring about the people for whom we also care very much!