Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Krygz Moment Today - Visiting Arafat

We had visited a number of times in a small village during our time here in 2008, but we never saw him.  It wasn't until a visit to that village in the spring of 2009, that we met Arafat, a toddler with a severe cleft palette. He had been kept hidden from the outside world because of his problem.  One afternoon, his parents cautiously brought him out for us to see...and the rest is history.  We posted the need for his surgery on our blog. Within a few hours, finances came into cover his first surgery and the aftercare. First surgery was completed successfully.

Now this fall, our young friend is having his second surgery, which will begin the work on closing the pallete.  On Wednesday, the day before his procedure, we stopped in the hospital to see him and his beautiful young mom.  Dad planned to come for the day of the surgery as he was home with a younger brother.

Here is our Krgyz Moment Today - Visiting Arafat

Making a Lasting Impact

For the last two weeks, a medical team from Hope Community Services in Alaska has visited Krygyzstan – Dr. William Browner, Dr. Eileen Lally (social worker) and Joanne Sullivan, a nurse. Their mission was to explore future work opportunities in the area of working with children with developmental disabilities. Every day was a new adventure for them – visiting in and teaching at a parent’s group for disabled children, a Children’s Hospital, the home for invalid men, a school for disabled children, a mental hospital and more. It is amazing what can be packed into two weeks.

Today was their last day as they leave early in the morning. They had the opportunity to teach a packed room of social workers and psychology students at the Humanitarian University in Bishkek, sharing with them on various issues around developmental disabilities.

Dr. Browner, Eileen and Joanne wholeheartedly gave of themselves these past two weeks and will leave a lasting impact. We have been told that the head doctor at the largest Children’s Hospital here has directed that their work, specifically, their developmental assessment work, be immediately implemented at his hospital. Translation of materials the team left began immediately.

Following a farewell lunch at a Russian restaurant this afternoon, we said good-bye to our very special friends.  It was just a reminder to us that in just one week, we will be saying good-bye here, as well.

 Dr Lally, (in pink) and Joanne share with three of the preschool teachers from the school for disabled children.
              Joanne speaks to the Humanitarian University students.
      Dr. Lally shares about their program in Alaska for student volunteers.
                   The room was packed for this presentation.

Monday, October 25, 2010

A Krgyz Moment Today - Thank You

Late last week, we were notified of a significant gift to the work here. It was anonymous, so we do not know who to thank for this incredible outpouring to the ministry. We wanted to let our unknown friend know just a couple of things that were done with the gift and money left over to share with whomever God brings onto our path.  We also wanted to let Lori, our afghan maker, know that they are in place in the Dayspring home.

Here is a Krgyz Moment Today - Thank you

Our journey here continues for two more weeks..