Monday, July 2, 2012

“SUPPORT A TRAINING DAY” Make a Difference in the Care for Children Living in Orphanages

Why the need?
Do you remember the river?

 It is an analogy that our team in Kyrgyzstan uses to describe what we do.   Fondly, we have called John and Julie the “search and rescue team” at the end of the river.  They spend their every waking moment pulling kids “out of the river”, who have been thrown into chaos by neglect and abuse.  Also being pulled out of the river are single parents, homeless seniors and whomever else God places in our path.

Somewhere along the line, one of our team, either John, Julie, Lynn or Ruby, further developed that analogy as they described what the rest of us do while in country.   Lynn, Ruby, David and I work up the river, teaching and training adults how “not to throw the kids or the less fortunate in the river.”

This little fellow is growing up in a orphange in Kyrgyzstan. 
Thousands of children are growing up in orphanages in Kyrgyzstan.  Their caregivers love and care for these children, but also manage emotional and behavioral issues without knowledge and training.  What do these children deserve?  They deserve to be cared for by adults who know what to do and how to do it.  The caregivers need the support that education and training will give them.

Lynn and Ruby have given tirelessly of their physical energy and selflessly of their financial resources in creating a training program for orphanage staff and other child welfare professionals in Kyrgyzstan.   It is greatly expanding. David and I will be going this fall and hoepfully next spring to help in the training effort there.  I asked Ruby recently, what would you think about having a “Support a Training Day” fund raiser.

Arugla, one of our team spends time with these four little fellows at a small orphanage in Tokmok

While in country, David and I will have a very full training schedule.  We will be training orphanage caregivers, psychologists, foster parents and relief staff on what trauma does to a child and more importantly what a “trauma competent HEALING caregiver” looks like.  

Here is our schedule:
September 5-7 – Youth facility workers managing the care of teens ages 15 and 15  SOS Children’s Village in Bishkek
September 10-12 – Karakol Orphanage - an orphanage about 5 hours from our home base.
September  12-15 – Foster parents at SOS Children’s Village – Bishkek
September 19-21  - SOS psychologist, staff and social workers , SOS Children’s Village

Would you consider helping to cover the costs related to training?   About  $50.00 a day will provide materials and resources  to those who impact the lives of orphans whose lives have been tragically disrupted by abuse, neglect and trauma. 

If you are interested, you can simply click on the donate button on the right and designate   “support for training.”