Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Weekend is Coming

We are excited as this weekend, members of the LAMb team will be gathering in Lebanon.  The Wrights arrive Saturday morning.  Ruby (we will miss Lynn) and Natalia, our translator, will be joining us in church on Sunday.  We would love to connect with all of you.

Here is the plan:

LaRosa's Pizzeria Lebanon
1871 Deerfield Rd, Lebanon, Ohio
for more info , contact
Phone: 513-228-2303  JayESchool@aol.com

SUNDAY -The team will be visiting ...
The Shelter Community Church
1541 John Glenn Rd
Dayton, OH 45410
Service time 11:15

David will be speaking in the morning service and will introduce them.

Just a sidenote, many of you have known for the last two years, we have wanted to downsize from our beautiful home in Lebanon to something that would enable us to come and go with no maintenance worries, etc.  We had given up on selling the home, however, God hadn't.  We sold it ten days ago and will begin moving to a small condo in Springboro, Ohio - about 20 minutes from our current home on Monday.  We  are excited that God has made a way for this.  We leave March 18th for almost three months in Kyrgyzstan and are so looking forward to reconnecting with our special loved friends.
We deeply appreciate your care, concern and support as the journey continues for all of us.