Saturday, July 23, 2011

Slavik's Journey

Ruby is now in Krygzstan...much is happening there with ministry training, work at the Kemin Senior's Home and the Home for Men in Iskra.

Also, she is seuthly working on locating young follow the situation, please visit the LAMb blog....

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Candy Shop - A Sobering Experience

Today was not a usual day at our church in Dayton, Ohio.  Our church, along with a number of others in this area are focusing on the most devastating of human problems - child sex trafficking.  We all know it goes on, but I didn't the full scope of it - even right here in Ohio.

Our pastor, Ryan Riddall, shared a video with the congregation today.  If you watch will never be the same.   It says so much in a short 28 minutes.

Here is the link to the Candy Shop.  Warning: you will be changed....

I don't know how to tell anyone how to respond to what you will see here other than to listen to how God may be speaking to you.   He allows us to become of aware of things for a reason.