Friday, September 24, 2010

A Big Birthday Party and the Circus

Wednesday evening was a big evening for the 120 children at a local orphanage.  The LAMb team threw a great big party for the children with September birthdays. John and Julie are the "party throwing  masters," and nothing is too big for them to plan.  It is nothing for them to buy cakes for 120, drinks for 120, birthday presents for a number of children and if that isn't enough, it is nothing for them to plan to take 120 children to the circus – ordering the bus and all.  This is what makes our team so fun and hopefully effective. We all bring strengths to the vision of sharing hope and encouragement.  We all are so thankful to donors who make these events possible
David and I thoroughly enjoy being with the children as we often go with the Wrights on these BIG outings.  It is always a joy…and it is always sad for us, too.  We look into the eyes of these children – momentarily happy, distracted by songs, cakes and presents- and know that life will return to their normal in the morning. 
The adults we met at this orphanage are doing everything in their power to provide a safe, caring place for children, but the job must feel overwhelming.   I just got off the phone with John sharing with him a newfound compassion for the staff there.  With so little time here, I am not sure what David and I could even do to help them or encourage them, but we are going to ask the question.
Hopefully, the video below will allow a glimpse into the lives of these precious children.
Since our normal way of posting is not available, please check on this link to view the birthday party.

BREAKING NEWS: Dayspring Lamplighter Candle Sales to be Launched October 1.  Stay tuned!