Thursday, July 1, 2010


Our dear friends, John and Julie Wright have taken a step of faith and responded to God's call to return to Krygyzstan on a longer basis. Julie took an unpaid leave of absence for a year as the family, with no visible means of support, plans to return in August.

This week is an important fund raising week for them.  They have a donor that will match any funds raised in the next seven days. We are hoping that this week's gifts will send them on their way.

To see and hear their incredible heart and to take part of match week - go to 

Thanks so much for checking out our friends..

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Now on ICNN Report

The work of our special friends can be now followed on this link:

Don't Miss This

WOW, this morning I read the Wright's blog about the humanitarian work that is happening in southern Krgyzstan. We wish we could be there.

If you want to be touched by this incredible work, please visit the Wright's blog...

They are returning to this troubled country in August.  The Johnstons and we will be returning in early September. More updates to come.