Sunday, June 13, 2010

In Turmoil Again

We have been closely following the disturbing events in Krygyzstan over the last three days and grieve for this beautiful country.  It is always the woman and children who suffer.  Because the chaos is in the southern part of the country, no one we know has been hurt.  However, some sporatic problems have struck in the town where we live. The restaurant where we often eat  and a little shopping center across the street from our apartment were bombed,  but we do not know the extent of the damage.

We do know that the people in Osh, where the fighting continues are lacking food and water and news reports say the "city is in flames." 

PRAYER NEED: Emma, John and Julie Wright's daughter and two young woman from Tokmok are scheduled to leave Bishkek in just a few hours. This requires a middle of the night ride to the airport.

Please pray for God's peace in Krgyzstan..the people long for it. 

To keep up on the news, here are some websites: