Friday, April 6, 2012

Major Changes for LAMb In Kyrgyzstan

We are excited for the new  and exciting changes ahead for LAMb...

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Just a few moments ago ( Friday evening 10 pm here), I talked with David via skype. He is having a tremendous time.  He had to leave as the LAMb team, all of them, were heading to visit a new orphanage to serve.  He has had a number of opportunities to speak, including this Easter Sunday at the Chinese Church.  David also shared that some exciting days are ahead for IUCA as more support is gained from around the world.  What a privilege for us to be in on the beginning steps of this young university.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Don't Miss These Updates from the LAMb Team

Today, Ruby and Lynn met our little girls at Dayspring.  Please visit their blog to see these beautiful little girls.

David is in Kyrgyztan with the Johnstons and Wrights so I will be posting their daily blog (with a lot of envy:) )  David's time there will be shared between Mercy Foundation needs and the IUCA (International University of Central Asia.)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Strengthening Families Ukrainian Adoption Conference Finished Today

What an incredible joy to be here. David and I spent this weekend at the "Strengthening Families Christian Adoption Conference" in Kiev, Ukraine.  Over 200 adoptive parents from all over Ukraine journeyed to Kiev by car, bus or train to attend. Most of these families are parenting wounded children and came looking and hoping for support and encouragement. We pray that is what they received.

For details of this weekend's events, please visit our partner's blog -

Here are some of our pictures as well..

We arrived last Thursday afternoon and had dinner with the conference organizers.  L to R  Ruby Johnston, co-founder of LAMb, Galina and Oksana, from CBN Ukraine, Kristy Weber, adoptive mom and wife of CBN Ukraine president, Steve Weber, Dr. Ronda Weber from the US and Karen Springs, conference chairman, from CBN Ukraine.

                                                                Registrations begins.

                                                      Opening night on Friday night....

Translation of the events...

Dr. John  Bergeron, Lynn Johnston, co-founder of LAMb and David share on a panel.

I had the opportunity to do a general session on the factors of success for healthy adoptive families.

Families from southern Ukraine... Vika in pink next to Ruby, is LAMb, adoption advocate throughout Ukraine. She not only shares about the need for adoptive families through churches in Ukraine, but trains new parents and provide post adoption support. She is amazing.

                                                                    More families

Our book, Wounded Children, Healing Homes was translated into Russian due to the generosity of a donor and was placed in the reception bag of every participant.

What a privilege this weekend has been.  I head home in a few hours and David, Lynn and Ruby head off to Kyrgystan for ministry there. We sat making plans today for the potential of a training trip in September to Kyrgyzstan and in 2013 to  Ukraine. The foucs of those will be on building a trauma informed program for social workers and families.