Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Last Sunday - A Day of Opportunity

Sunday was, indeed, a day of opportunity for us as David spoke twice to two different groups - a Chinese group and a Krygyz group two hours away from us. We were also able to spend the day with a family that we have grown to love over the two and half years we have been coming to this country.

Due to some sensitive issues here, I am just posting pictures of David and then some children.

It Was Children's Day at this local meeting

Just precious....

This is a traditional Kyrgyz instrument.

David had incredible cross-cultural speaking opportunities today. He spoke at this meeting to the heart of the father and husband in the home.

Melodie and Davina always capture our hearts.  We took them out to lunch at a restaurant where they have never been and it was such a delight to see them enjoy everything. They are the children of the house parents for the new family type foster home that is currently being formed.
And, yes, she ate the whole thing!

Davina was not quite demonstrative as her older sister.

Sunday was a wonderful day of meeting many new people and we plan to be with them again in the fall for parenting seminars and other topics.

"Call To Community" Luncheon A Success

A number of weeks ago, we were visiting the homeless seniors' home in Kemin as we do quite reguarly. While having tea with the director, we were more keenly aware that Tonya and her family are carrying the load for this home. They have little or no support from anyone to care for all the needs of fifteen elderly grandfathers and grandmothers, most who have no family. We decided to plan and sponsor a luncheon and invite local government and church leaders to hear about the needs of the home. Today was the day and it was truly a success.

Over 18 local people came to hear the needs of the seniors' home and the response was very positive. One young woman, who works in the government office stood up at the end and said, "I live in this town and didn't know this home was here. We will find ways to help them."

The vice mayor attended as well and when I thanked him for coming, he said, "These are our fathers and mothers, grandfathers and grandmothers, we need to take care of them." He promised to do what he could, although government financial aid is limited. I want to share some pictures and highlights of the day. Here is the video that we showed the group, of course, they saw it in Russian.

Volunteers Helped with the Meal Preparation
The volunteers were there early this morning to prepare.

         We had a wonderful lunch prepared by these ladies from the community.

Of course, Natalia and I were busy cooking, too. 

Government Officials Attended
The vice mayor (right) with another government official were impressed with all the work that Tonya and her family have done in the home.

As we were leaving, the young lady in the grey sweater stood up and told us that she lived in this town and didn't know this home was here. She promised to find help.

Anatolee played his wooden spoons for entertainment at lunch.

We prepared a "help needed" list to hand out to the guests and encouraged them to place them around town.

We are so thankful that God brought the people to us today and we are trusting Him that the seniors' home will receive help from their community. We have scheduled another luncheon for October 1 - Seniors' Day.

Monday, May 17, 2010

It Is Not All Work....

It is not all work…there’s time for fun

Our work here is often busy with difficult, desperate situations with broken people, needy families and children. However, to keep everything emotionally balanced, we delight in our relationships with our friends. On Friday evening, we planned a TGIF party with two sisters – Sophia and Zenia….before we left to go to the shaslick place, we had invited 7 more and our party grew to 11, which required two stuffed taxis. It was great.

As David and I were sitting with this beautiful group of people, we were amazed at the different nationalities sitting at our dinner table – Kyrgyz, Chinese, Ethiopian, Russian….simply amazing. We all had something in common…we are of like mind and heart. We also marveled at these young people who have very little, who work very hard for very little, yet have such the spirit of gratefulness. Truly amazing.

Here are some pictures from Friday….

Our server brings "shaslick," like kabobs into the yurt.

Inside, everyone is waiting for all the picture taking to stop so they can eat.

Zina, (l) our friend from the Foundation and a great help to us,with Natalia, our LAMb team member.

Altynia, is a university student. She is a young lady with a remarkable story of redemption. Peter, a friend from the Foundation is sitting next to her.

Sophia, a friend from the Foundation and a great help to us as well.

Seasi, our friend and also faithful driver with Altynai's brother.  He was standing with her when we picked her up and is Kyryz custom, we had to ask him three times if he wanted to come...and he finally said yes!

It was heartwarming to hear the laughter and see the fun of the evening, knowing that this time was a brief respite from difficult days. The young people stayed behind to dance and visit...Natalia's mom, David and I went home sooner than they did. :)