Monday, October 13, 2008

Now That We Are Home

David and I have been home three weeks tomorrow. It has been so wonderful to reconnect with our family and friends. We have been able to see our grandson score two touchdowns and we lost count of how many times he sacked the quarterback. We have watched our five year old granddaughter cheer and hear some first words from our 18 month old granddaughter. We have seen many old friends and have been able to share stories. Reconnecting has been wonderful.

We are both back to work. I am training in Akron this week and David leaves to teach in Virginia on Sunday. We count it such a privilege to be able to do what we can. We don't have a clear direction yet on the extent of our ministry here, it has not yet been revealed.

We reflect daily, actually many times a day on our time in Kyrgyzstan. We truly miss the people and the work. That place has become part of us. The people that we met are new friends that we care deeply about. We are making plans to return in mid-March as God leads.

Please continue to watch the blog as we will update it on the events happening there and most importantly, the needs of the people there.

Thank you for all your support as the journey continues....