Saturday, August 20, 2011

Transforming a Life- Transforming a Generation

For the last three and a half years, we have been involved in the development of the International University of Central Asia in Tokmok, Kyrygzstan. It is an amazing place with the most amazing students and faculty. BUT, IUCA has a tremendous need. Before we share that, may I share a word from David, who is now the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of IUCA.

I was there before Mercy Foundation opened the academic doors the fall of 2008. It has been my privilege to not only teach several classes there, but, I have had the opportunity to come to know many of the students personally. They are incredible young people who are getting an education in order to change their lives, the lives of their families, and the condition of their country. A vast majority of them could not be there without outside financial help.

When I think of IUCA three words come to mind.

The first is TRANSFORMATIONAL. Students are not just getting an outstanding education, they are experiencing transformation of how they think, dream and hope. It is nothing short of a miracle.

The second word is UNIQUE. Most of the universities in Kyrgyzstan are located in the capitol of Bishkek which means that a lot of students cannot go due to finances and distances. Therefore, many of the villages and small towns are left out. IUCA is not in Bishkek, but it is in a smaller city about one hour’s drive. Most of our students come from villages and rural areas.

The third word is EXCELLENCE. Some of the finest administrators and faculty are gathered on the campus to provide competent, honest and challenging academics supported by a strong social and moral context. IUCA is truly one of a kind in Kyrgyzstan.
 I ask that you join me and my wife and a host of others to see to it that no student who wants not only an education, but a new life, is not turned away because of finances. Thank you.


Chairman, Board of Trustees, International University of Central Asia


This year IUCA will have hundreds of  students who require assistance. The brightest minds in the country, yet with out our help , they may not be able to complete their study. The problem is a big one... over two hundred thousand dollars BIG . But we have an idea ..
Did you know that if just 30 people around the world committed to find us just 12 sponsors of just $50 a month, we could guarantee that the doors of IUCA continue to be open to the least of these, for years to come....

If you are interested in being a LAMb sponsorship rep in your area, please contact  (John Wright) or us and we will send you everything that you need to make a real difference... video's, photo's, brochures and posters, even testimonials from current IUCA Students . Everything that you need to get started


Emergency Need MET in Ukraine

A couple of days ago, we posted a need in Ukraine.....within a few hours, this is the response we received from Pastor Chad Current...

A few hours ago I asked you to pray for our orphans in Ukraine. In just hours not only did you pray but God answered the prayer. People from our church family have responded to God’s leading and given the $8000 needed. Thank you to those who have been willing. Please bring your check this Sunday made out to Living Hope with “Ukraine Home” in the memo. We will send the money on Monday. Hallelujah! Three little girls now have their home secured thanks to you! Praise God again! Hallelujah! See you Sunday when we will celebrate!

God's people are truly amazing when they allow God to divinely ruin them! 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Emergency Need in Ukraine

One of our local churches, Living Hope, has been "captured" by the passion and call of orphan ministry. They actively support an orphanage in Ukraine, its children, communicate with them and just recently completed two trips to support them with renovation needs. Just this morning, we received this urgent request from their pastor, Chad Current:

Please pray with me for a financial miracle in two weeks.

The present children’s center is out of room (which is why we are working with them to get the new one finished), so three families have become foster home families for new orphans under World Light Foundation. One family has a one room apartment and took in three orphans (story is awful…they have been through so much). While we were the three orphan girls they have in their home accepted Christ. The government told them that their apartment is too small to continue housing the three orphans. The state said if they do not find a new place in two weeks it will mean the three orphans will be taken to a state orphanage—friends, that is bad and scary news—the state orphanages are not safe places. Can you pray with me that God will send them $8000 US dollars so they can purchase a home in town that will allow them to keep the orphans?

Think about that…for just $8000 they can purchase a home along with the sale of their apartment which they own. Kimbelry and I are willing to send $1000. So, now we need to pray for $7000 in two weeks. All I am asking of you, is that you pray with me for this need. “For nothing is impossible with God!”

For more information about how you might help, please contact Chad at  or his phone - 937-602-4787.