Friday, October 22, 2010

A Krygz Moment Today- Speaking into Their Young Lives

A snowy morning greeted us last Thursday as we drove to the capital city. David had the rich opportunity to speak to a class of third and fourth year students at the Humanitarian University.  Everywhere we go, we encounter the beautiful young people of this country.

David's topic for the morning was the the power of toxic emotions. We were extremely impressed with how responsive these young adults were to us. After the class, a number of students stayed to talk with us, many of them asking for help.  That is the hard part about this work is that the needs are so many and the time is so limited.  We will be seeing this group again next week as we will visit the class with another colleague.

Here is A Krygz Moment Today - The Humanitarian Class

Our days are usually very full, leaving early in the morning and getting home late.  The experiences are so varied. Just yesterday, we had an early morning meeting with our Dayspring foster mom, helped complete a grant that if received, will provide an English program for a group of teens at the orphanage, had a meeting with the univeristy president on a summer work program overseas, met with the journalism staff for planning, We ended the day with a quiet dinner with our Alaskan friends.

It is Saturday morning and we woke up to realize that we only have this Saturday and next before heading to Ukraine, Poland and then home.  We are asking God to clearly direct our steps in these last few days here as we want to be doing His work to the best of our abilility. 

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