Thursday, June 11, 2009

A big van and a big day…..

8:00 am on Wednesday morning:
David, Natalia and I got into Iscar’s (our special friend) marshuka (van) and headed to Kemin about thirty miles away. We were on the way to pick up the first group for our big day at Flamingo Park, an amusement park in Bishkek. We were keeping a promise to a little four year old boy (Aziz)that we would take him and some family members, along with other folks who serve at the nursing home. We were a tad disappointed in that we had to tell Aziz’s grandmother that we only had room for four adults, which meant three family members had to stay behind.

8:10 About ten minutes out of Tokmok, David asked our driver – “how is the van working? Any problems? “ Iscar’s reply – “I have some minor problems, but nothing major.”

8:12 A mere minute or two after that question and the answer –we heard a strange noise in the engine that meant trouble. We were stuck on the side of the road with 18 people waiting for us to come for at different stopping points. Iscar got out, assessed the situation and told us, he couldn’t drive the van. He would call a friend to help.

8:22 About ten minutes later, a new, HUGE van, larger than any thing we have ever seen here pulled up. We looked inside and realized that we could take everyone from Aziz’s family that wanted to go. We couldn’t wait to tell them. We saw this as a wonderful gift from God to this family. We believe God sent the BIG VAN.

8:45 We arrived in Kemin – loaded the van and headed back towards Tokmok and on to Bishkek.

9:30 – We stopped back in Tokmok to pick up some more special friends.

10:25 – We stopped in Kant to pick up yet some more friends…now 20 with us….

11:45 – WE FINALLY ARRIVED AT THE AMUSMENT PARK – almost four hours after we left Tokmok!

12:00 – The fun started and the pictures will tell the story
Just beginning the day.....
A group shot before we all scatter....
David and Aziz on a boat ride

Aziz and his mom...the first time they have had a time to play together probably in years.

Maria and Renada prepare for the big one!

Yes, they both are in there!
Aziz on a little tamer ride. His "wows" were wonderful to watch.
Anita takes command of the ship.
Lola, in the middle is the beautiful daughter of friends of our...they adopted her just short of her 16th birthday.
Waiting for the little ones to finish a ride.

Last ride on the train....
3:30 - We leave the park with a van full of very tired adults and children!