Thursday, April 30, 2009

Historic Week for International Leadership and Development Center

This week marks an historical week for our organization – LAMb/ International Leadership and Development Center. Our team partners, Lynn and Ruby Johnston have been working in Ukraine for over six years training social workers and leaders. They have preserved through many challenges as they have offered training to government and non-governmental agencies in the area of child welfare. So many incredible doors have been opened to them and the impact is felt throughout this country.

This week, I have had the privilege of mentoring new national trainers who will now take responsibility for training other social workers and foster and adoptive families. One of the goals of ILDC is to work themselves out of a job, so to speak. ILDC desires to train those within the country who can then build on that foundation. This week, we pass the torch of training family finders to those who will help to build a solid foster care system in this country.

I have found these wonderful people to be so creative, delightful and eager to learn. I have learned so very much from them.

Pictures from the training room....awesome people doing incredible work in Ukraine

Preaching and teaching in Ukraine
David's week has been full of training and teaching as well. He talked each morning to the staff at Father's House, preached Tuesday night and trained Thursday and Friday with Lynn on leadership.
Tuesday night at the sister church of Savlation Church of Kiev.

It is always wonderful to see so many young people and families.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

This week and a young boy's journey continues...

We are really enjoying our time in Ukraine with the wonderful people here. David has spoken to the staff of Father's House each morning, is preaching tonight and Thursday and Friday, David and Lynn will hold a leadership seminar. Ruby's week has been full of training new trainers. The goal of our organization, International Leadership and Development Center, is to train nationals to carry on. We fade as they rise.

Both David and I commented this morning that the people of Kyrgyzstan and our life there is never far from our thoughts. We are actually a tad homesick for there. While checking out John's blog, we found a beautiful update on the little boy who now has been operated on. We will continue to follow the story and hope you will, too. See

The next picture you will see of this little fellow will be a smile restored.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Follow the Journey with Our Partners

Every day, we visit the blog our our team partners....Lamb International and Possibilities International. We all share in these experiences together and you will see the joy of the journey.

We invite you to visit as well and mark as a "favorite" will enjoy them!

A Buffet of Experiences

Right now, David, Lynn, Ruby and I are sitting in Father's House, a residential center in Kiev, Ukraine, getting ready for a full week of training. We temporarily left our friends in Kyrgyzstan just for this week.

I regretfully left the camera with all the pictures from last week at home in Tokmok, so I can not update the blog with pictures. It was quite a buffet of life experiences last week. For David it was a week of ministering in a village, at the home for invalid men, teaching at the Professional Institute and Mercy Foundation. I had the privilege of sharing the training room with Ruby as we trained social workers who will be be recruiting and training future foster families. This was a first for the country of Krygyzstan. We are excited for the open doors.

More from Ukraine as we begin the week tomorrow.....the journey continues....