Saturday, June 4, 2011

Home, but the Needs are Not Forgotten

We arrived home very late on Thursday night and are getting reacclimated. It always takes me a few days, David less time.  Although we are home and focusing now on responsibilities here, our friends and the needs of Kyrgyzstan are never far from our thoughts. 

Please visit John and Julie's blog:  They will be there until Tuesday, but as you see, the needs don't go away.

Thank you for sharing our journey this it continues...

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Stepping Away from the Work Here For A Moment - Open Doors

Greetings, and thank all of you for following our journey. Jayne is the one that usually writes our blogs as I do not know how to do it and she is so much better at such matters anyway. I am writing this on Word Document and when I have finished, I am going to ask her to post it on the blog. The reason I am doing it this way is because I would like to share a few things that Jayne would never tell you. We are excited for these open doors.
1. She has been asked by Terry Meeuwsen of CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network) to write and develop a 10-session DVD Series on the subject of her latest book, WOUNDED CHILDREN, HEALING HOMES. CBN will be producing it and distributing it around the country in connection with NAVPRESS. Jayne, along with some of the best adoption experts in the country will be writing and appearing on each on the DVDs. Taping will be in February, 2012, and the release will be in May at the Christian Alliance for Orphans conference.

2. Her latest book, with co-authors Betsy Smalley and Tim Callahan, is being translated into Russian for use in Ukraine and other Russian speaking countries. This is due to the major efforts of friend and co-worker, Ruby Johnston. This is the second book to be translated into Russian, the first being TELLING THE TRUTH TO YOUR ADOPTIVE AND FOSTER CHILDREN which was released in Ukraine about a year ago. Thank-you, Ruby.

Jayne's unique passon and dream has been to minister to adoptive and foster families from a faith-based - sharing biblical prinicples to strengthen families.  The CBN project will open the doors to this dream.
There, I have said what she would not have not told you. We thank God and so many people with whom she works who are not just co-workers—but friends.

Blessings and see you soon as we return next Thursday.... David