Sunday, December 7, 2008

How We Feel About our Time There

Dear Friends,

I have posted a very short video with a song from the Kay Warren ministry. It really says it all about how we feel about what God has done in our hearts.

(permission pending for use of the song)

It is December Already

Dear Friends,

Time has gone so quickly since we arrived home, but our hearts and thoughts are never very far from our friends in Kyrygyzstan. We talk every day of our plan to return in mid-March.

Life has been incredibly busy here. I am in the final stages of finishing a new book and have been privileged to work with six other outstanding authors. It is entitled Wounded Children, Healing Homes: The Impact of Traumatized Children on Adoptive and Foster Parents. We are excited about this resource as it is intended to validate the journey of some families and offer resources and hope.

David has been extremely busy with many hours of personal counseling and teaching opportunities. As the time nears for our return overseas, we will update you more on the plans ahead. Please pray for our friends that you have met along this journey who lived and minister there.

More to come, the journey continues....