Friday, September 17, 2010

We Invite You To Our Virutal Tour of Dayspring

Yesterday, the part of the LAMb team now here visited Dayspring for the first time. We were astounded at what we was more than the brick and is the vision of a safe, nurturing home for children. 
Here is the link to the video:
Hope you will enjoy the virtual tour.  Lynn and Ruby arrive on Monday morning. If we thought we were busy this week...we know what's coming...and can't wait.
To learn more about how to share in the ministry of Dayspring Family Life Resource Center, please visit:
the journey continues

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cannot Wait To Show You

Today was a historic day for David and me. We had our first official tour of Dayspring Family Resource Center. This is the new foster family home that will soon be in operation. ( I hope to have a "virtual tour" up over the weekend. We are so excited. We are astounded at the size of the new home and its incredible potential for permanency for children.
On another note, we began a busy time here with teaching, making plans, visiting friends and meeting new ones and participating in a Russian class at the University. I have been working on the language for a long time by myself and it is so fun to be in a class, talking, listening and growing.  I feel much more confident to carry on a conversation.  Natalia (our translator) told me today that she doesn't have to translate "my Russian" anymore for another Russian speaker to understand. That's fun!
Amidst this new busyness, this week has been a small challenge for David as he became quite ill on Tuesday and is making a slow recovery.  He always bounces back quickly and we are already making plans for a Saturday visit to the capital with friends via the marshuka.
Please check back over the weekend for the "virtual tour" of Dayspring!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

A World I Cannot Comprehend

Photo:  A number of old friends surrounds our new friends - families who escaped the ethnic rioting in the southern part of the country.  At this point, they are living in a location not far from us, thankful to be in a peaceful place.
Our first Sunday (today) we had the privilege of meeting new friends. These men, women and children escaped the violence that ripped a part a major part of a large southern city in the summer time.  This is a world we cannot comprehend.  Last night, John and Julie told us about them and said we would feel connected to them right away. We didn't know we would see them the next morning. I told them that sometime very soon, we want to hear their story and to find out how they are really doing, especially the children after experiencing such traumatic events.
This evening we met with some friends of ours who are the leadership of Mercy Foundation and heard of so many, many needs.  As we were walking up the stairs upon coming home, we talked about our need to really seek God's direction to do what exactly He called us to do at this time.
Tomorrow, we begin our time at the University. Both of us will be teaching an 8 am class and then after that...well, as Lynn says, "it's not time to know yet." 
The  journey continues....