Saturday, October 2, 2010

Making A Difference One Candle at at Time

October 1 marked the launch of the month long candle sales for the Dayspring Family Resource Center.  David and I are so excited and humbled by the efforts of two young women from the Shelter Community Church of the Nazarene in Dayton, Ohio - Jennifer Hauk and Carrie Combs.  
If you would be interested in purchasing a candle, or two or three for gifts - they will be ready just before Christmas.  All profits for the month of October go directly into the fund for Dayspring.  To order, visit Jen's website -  and  click on the Dayspring Fundraiser or  email them at
 Here is Jennifer's letter to those partnering with them to sell candles during the month of October.


I wanted to take a moment and thank you for helping in making a difference in the lives of God's children.  The Dayspring mission touches my heart in a personal manner as I am a child of adoption.  I was blessed to have been adopted by a loving family at the age of 3 weeks.  The children of Dayspring are looking at different circumstances all together.  Being older, they are all too aware of what is occurring…losing the security of their familiar lives for multitudes of reasons.  Our hopes and prayers are that through the Dayspring Family Life Resource Center, these children will have their sense of hope and security restored by the love of Christ.

Starwick Candles emerged three years ago with two friends making candles for Christmas gifts that evolved into dreaming of having our own business.  Little did we know that with the Lord's leading, doors would be opened to this awesome opportunity to help support Dayspring.  It wasn't by chance that this kindled a passion within me for vulnerable children of the world.  I am excited to pursue this passion and with your help take action in making a difference in the Kingdom of Christ one candle at a time!

Thank you for your time and effort!


Jennifer Hauk, Carrie Combs & Starwick Candles

Thank you Jen, Carrie and the many that are helping you with this effort. May God prosper your vision.

Winter Threatens Homeless Seniors

Can you image for one moment, being elderly and alone? Can you imagine for one moment being elderly, alone and hungry? Can you imagine for one moment being elderly, alone, hungry and sick?

Thousands of precious elderly around the world spend their every waking moment wondering who will come or if anyone will come to help them. Homeless and forsaken by family, they are left to die alone.

The harsh reality is that our team here is Krygyzstan cannot make a difference for the hundreds of thousands around the world. But, with the help of those who have captured our vision, we have made a difference in Kemin, Krygyzstan.

Many of you have followed our blog for over two years now and know of the efforts of a family, who by themselves stepped up to provide care, shelter and love to the homeless in Kemin. Their efforts have been remarkable.  Many of you have offered help in many ways – providing money for food, clothes, blankets and money for a heating system.  God's people have been incredible in their response. About two weeks ago, we learned of another life-threatening need for this homeless shelter.  They have a heating system, but no coal to put into it.

In this short video, David introduces you to the family who cares for soon-to-be 20 residents and to the need they have. Some of our friends at home have offered to help.

If for any reason, you would like to share in this need, please contact us and will we let you know how.

Thank you for sharing our journey.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Getting Ready for the Children:Cleaning Day at Dayspring Family Foster Home

Wednesday evening was quite the historic event...over 25 people gathered to clean construction dust and prepare Dayspring for the arrival of the new foster family this weekend. What was of great significance is that eight of the children involved in the cleaning were once in a very difficult orphanage. They now have been either restored to their birth mom and doing very well or in another foster type family thanks to the committed work of the Wrights.  Children will be moving in after the first of the year following training preparation of the family and staff and also to give the foster family time to adjust to their new home and responsibilities.
Hope you enjoy the video - we had fun!
To view - click on this link
Thank you for all your support! The journey continues..

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Things are Moving and a Launch

Yesterday, we visited Dayspring and watched as tremendously heavy bunkbeds were delivered for the family foster home.  To fully appreciate what this was, please visit Lynn and Ruby's blog....    You will find some great pictures.
October 1 is the launch of the candle-selling project, spearheaded by special friends, Jennifer Hauk and Carrie Combs from The Shelter Community Church in Dayton, Ohio.  All profits from this project will go directly into Dayspring. We will share this exciting news on Friday..
Thank you for all your care and support for the work here.....the journey continues...