Wednesday, December 1, 2010

He is the Reason for the Season

If you are needing a spiritual uplifting this Christmas season, visit this link. It is awesome. Thank you Karen H. for sending it us.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Different Type of Gift Catalog

When one thinks of a gift catalog, it is generally with personal interest. Christmas time and Sears catalogs are part of warm memories as I remember many hours pouring over the toy section each year as a child. Now I look at more advanced "toys" like cell phones, ipods, and laptop computers. However,  a catalog I saw today wasn't about me...thankfully.

This morning at The Shelter Church where David and I attend church, I picked up a gift catalog, but it wasn't anything like I had ever seen.  It was a catalog of humanitarian needs and places where resources and time could go. I was fascinated by the idea and so very proud of our church family as we see a deepening and widening of ministry there.

This catalog got me to thinking about not only the humanitarian needs listed in our church gift catalog, but so many here is another gift catalog to prayfully look over.

For more information about this catalog gift visit this website:

For more information on this "gift selection" visit:

For more information on the following needs, please visit  On the left of the blog is information about how to give to these specific needs - the Canada Helps button. All financial gifts to LAMb International will be matched until December 31st up to $25,000.

The following are local "gift selections" of time and one's presence.

Contact information to deliver coats and blankets to local bins contact:

Contact information to share in this gift of your presence,
contact Brad Colwell - 937-272-7236

Other Gift Suggestions from The Shelter today...

  • Coin Up Laundry Minister - Give away quarters in laundry mats as random acts of kindness..helping a family with their laundry.
  • Write a note of encouragement to someone who may be experiencing his/her first holiday without a loved one.
  • Create your own family the eyes of your heart to the people around you. Find a need and meet it in your local community this holiday season..
We really like this gift catalog the best over anything we have ever seen! 
Have a blessed Christmas season as we know that He is the Reason...for this Blessed Season.