Wednesday, December 28, 2011


We are excited for the LAMb team now on the ground in Kyrgyzstan.....please visit the Wright's blog daily for the next eight will warm you heart and blow your socks off!!!


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Candles Give Hope to Orphaned Children - Thank you, Jen

Very quietly and humbly, Jen Hauk spent many, many hours over the busy holidays creating candles for one single purpose - to raise resources for our family resource center, Dayspring, in Kyrgyzstan.  We are excited to announce that through her efforts (and I am sure the help of her family), she raised at just about $1,200.  These resources will be used to provide loving care to the children God sends to us.


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I don't think I will ever forget the words of Mother Theresa - paraphrased - " It is not the great big things always that make an impact for God , but it is the little things that God multiplies and uses."  It is one candle made that makes a difference for one child at a time!