Saturday, May 31, 2008

Celebrating Children on Children's Day

This weekend began the country's celebration of children. Officially, it is June 1. We went out to spend more time with the Orlovka youngsters and see them perform. Keep in mind as you see these pictures that these children live in an orphanage. In our country, their building would be condemned, everything is dark and broken. However, the incredible director, assistant director and staff (who work for NO PAY) are not only rebuilding a building, as they have the funds, but rebuilding lives.

Again, the pictures tell the story!

This is Emma Wright. For her 17th birthday, she wanted to have the orphanage teen girls over for a slumber party. It will happen on Monday night.

This is John and Julie Wright, whom God has called to minister in this very unique way. On their right, is the orphanage founder and director, who receives no salary for her work.

This incredibly beautiful family of five live at the orphanage. When they were found by the government, the oldest young lady was searching through a dump for food for her younger siblings. They government moved the younger four to the orphanage and their older sister came with them to care for them. Her dream is to go to college and she has received scholarship funds to do so.

Another fabulous family of five. They all live at the orphanage along with their mother, who is the unpaid cook. This next week, through the gifts of Possibility International, they will move into their new home. Check out for their story and grab a kleenex.

We are so incredibly blessed to have the experiences we have every day. Our prayer is that God will not only continue to allow us to see, but also help along the way.

The journey continues....


Pictures Tell the Story - A Day in the Mountains

We spent most of Thursday, May 29 on a trip with 20 youngsters from Orlovka orphanage. We went to the Baharna Tower, an ancient, 1,000 year old historical site and then to the mountain waterfall. The kids were awesome. None of these children have ever experienced what they did on Thursday. The pictures tell the story.

We arrive at the tower site
Getting ready for the tour

These kids stick together.

Climbing the tower stairs to the tower.

David did! I didn't!

One of our two vans broke down out in the middle of nowhere...but God made a way!

These youngsters love to have their pictures taken!

David and Alymbek at the riverside.

All kids everywhere love to throw rocks into the river. These kids have never seen what they saw on Thursday....the beauty of God's creation.

Hey, Andrew...we have now had shaslick- lamb kabobs

This will be a day they will never forget! and neither will we.

We were standing at the foot of the waterfall and someone asked the question - "What is more beautiful - this waterfall or the family of four (the Wright family) who gives so much to these kids. We all agreed it was the Wright family, for they are touching the souls of children.

David's Perspective

My main job here in Kyrgyzstan is to fulfill the role defined as “Spiritual Director of Mercy Foundation.” This foundation has six Christian schools with 1200 students, two orphanages, an experimental farm, a mountain summer camp and various other ministries, such as the soon to open Professional Institute, which promises to be one of a kind in this country. Over three hundred and fifty employees of many nationalities work for the Foundation and with whom I am working.

It is an amazing work of God in Central Asia and equally amazing is the spiritual and moral impact it is having on this devastated land. I am currently involved in a five week training series with the Foundation staff. My present series of lessons has to do with:

1. What is the Product we are hoping to produce – people. People who are born again believers in Christ, emotionally and intellectually healthy and have discovered their mission in life
2. What is the Conflict? We need to realize that there is an enemy who does not want us to do what we do. We need to know who he is and how to overcome him.
3. What is the Process? This has to do with how we produce a person of God so that he can fulfill his mission.

This type of teaching seems rather unusual to them, so it will be interesting to see their response.

This is my main job and I see it as important and needful. However, my favorite job is working at three orphanages and getting to know the beautiful children who live there. We spend as much time with them as we can and participate in a once in a lifetime trips and activities with them. For instance, we spent most of May 29th in the mountains and at a waterfall with about 25 amazing kids from the nearby orphanage. Their life stories border on the unbelievable. They are heartbreaking to say the least. They all behaved well. We had a great time and they love to be loved. We will be with those same children on May 31.

(David and Alymbek at the mountain waterfall)

In addition to what I mentioned above, I continue to preach, have healing moments with people and counsel the staff. I am also going to be meeting with a co-ed group of teens who want to learn about leadership and “anything else you can teach us.” Kyrgyzstan’s future rests in the hands of such young people who simply are not going to stand for the corrupt status quo here. I say to them, “go for it!”

We love to hear from you. Because we are here, doesn’t mean we don’t think of you or care about your journey. Please keep us informed.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Graduation, Training and Lots of Experiences

It is Friday and what a week of work and experiences it has been. We are getting much more into a routine of work- teaching and training on a regular schedule, but of course leaving much time for our trips with the orphanage kids.

Last Saturday we had the privilege of attending the first graduation of the School of Blessing. This was the first school started by Mercy Foundation in Krygzstan eight years ago. God has enabled them to start four other Christian schools in this Muslim country. Quite incredible.

Celebrating the end of the school year.

Elder Yang, standing to the left of the flowers, was called by God to establish Christian schools in this Muslim country.

Some the second graders celebrating the end of the school year. Their sign says, "Good-bye school!"

After the graduation and celebration of the end of the year, we took a trip to Mercy Foundation's mountain camp. One of the highlights for the camp in the summer is a month long experience for all the children living in their orphanages. We will really enjoy sharing in this in July.

David visits with Elder Yang. It was a cold, misty day in the beautiful mountains about an hour away from where we live.

Sunday we had the opportunity to visit in a local church to hear Dr. Thomas Wang, a renowed Chinese church leader. Being with him the previous several days was a real privilege as he shared his perspective on the international Body of Christ with us.

Quite a congregation - Russians, Chinese, Krgyz, Canadians and Americans.

Four of our little friends from the orphanage - l to r - Cola, Izat, Vania and Eelia.

Monday began our teaching and training schedule. On Monday and Tuesdays in the afternoon I teach English as a second language to the workers at the Foundation.

(The first day of English as a second language class)

Each Tuesday and Wednesday, David conducts a morning class for the workers on Sharping Their Focus. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve here.

Beginning next week, we will be conducting a seven week training session for orphanage caregivers. Those sessions will be held each Tuesday morning. David also will be meeting weekly with a group of young people who desire to learn leadership skills. The hope for this country is its young people, so we look forward to the possiblity of touching these young lives.

This has been quite a week for us ...we see and experience God every day and are humbled by the privilege of being here among these incredible people.