Wednesday, August 25, 2010


(Permission pending for music used in this video)

With each day, more and more progress is completed on the renovations of the Dayspring Family Resource Center in Krygyzstan.
And what is Dayspring? It is a chance for families for children who would otherwise be placed into an orphanage in Kyrgyzstan. Together with the local churches, government and concerned individuals such as yourself, we can make a difference. Children coming to Dayspring would have gone to an orphanage - the difference here is we will be working with their families doing what we can to train and help them create the conditions to receive their children back home - we will be helping government find homes for children to be adopted into, by using our churches as resources. AND we will seek permanence for every child walking through the doors of Dayspring. We are about the love of family.....

We have a fabulous couple hired to meet the children once they come to Dayspring, they will be their mother and father at Dayspring. They will love and teach them. We are working with the local church to ensure continued support and help in growing the children and strengthening the project.

Won't you consider joining us and becoming a LAMPLIGHTER! HOW?


2. BECOME A MONTHLY SUPPORTER - We need 7 more $100 per month donors, 8 more $50 per month donors, 8 more $25 per month donors and 10 more $10 per month donors.

WHERE? Just click on the Canada Helps Button or the US button on the Dayspring blog and put in the special note section - for Dayspring and away you go. Just passing one cup of coffee a day, could help divert one child from the clutches and life in an orphanage!

We are excited as we look to the positive future of the children who will come!

David and I leave on September 9th for our sfifth trip to this beautiful country and beautiful people.