Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Celebrating Life This Easter Weekend

Easter in this part of the world was celebrated this past weekend. Throughout the weekend, we celebrated the meaning of this day in a variety of ways - none like ever before.

The Least of These
Have you ever spent any time with discarded people? We really hadn't until we came here and visited the home for invalid men. These men, once children who lived in orphanages for disabled children, now live out their days in a cold, broken place - forgotten by most around them. Even those who live just minutes away, do not know of the existence of this institution.Last winter over 80 men died due to cold and starvation.
However, the Good News has arrived and the Light has been turned on. There are a number of people working weekly in the home, renovating rooms, bringing food and ministering to them. Last Saturday, we experienced a once in a life time event – the baptism of 17 men from the home for invalid men. These are the pictures from the baptism, held in a local motel pool. After it was over, the men were given new clothes and treated to a great lunch in a local restaurant.

David talks to the men before the service.

Thanking God for new life.

Many of the men have extreme difficulty walking due to cerebral palsy and other debilitating problems.
Lynn and David share the experience.

This will be a day these men - who for a brief moment - were given a place of honor.

An Easter Evening the Village

It was our absolute delight to spend Easter evening (the 19th here) with our friends who live in a village about 25 minutes away. We visited there a lot last year and this year, David and John Wright go there each Wednesday to encourage and support them at a coffee hour. We were humbled by the preparations for the dinner and thoroughly enjoyed our time with these beautiful people. For them every day, is a question of survival for them and their children.
We experienced many of the cultural traditions around Easter...and we also laughed alot with the joy of pure fellowship.
In this village, until last summer, there was no water supply. This is the only available water source here for many families.
The Faces of the Village
We couldn't figure out what might be in this little guy's music box.
Many of these people have spent their entire lives living here.

This little fellow caught our eye last year. He and David really connected! He reminds me of one of the Ponchot boys ( Cindy and Dana- what do you think?)

Larissa, in the middle, grew up in the village, spent time in Ukraine, but now is back ministering to the needs of people there.