Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Medina's Story - New Hope for a Brighter Future

“Medina was so happy today I have never seen her like that!” These words, sent to us from our team member, Natalia, describe a life-changing event for a precious 12 year old in Krygyzstan.

The journey with Medina and her family began 18 months ago when we first saw her, and her younger sister and brother. Our team, joined by social workers from Cleveland, was visiting in a children’s park. As a special treat, the team had planned an afternoon lunch for the orphanage children who were brought there to play. As the group of orphanage children made their way into the little house for lunch, three little children, standing aside from the group, caught Lynn’s eye. He knew right away that these children needed help and the most immediate need was something to eat. He scooped them up and took them into the luncheon with the other children.

The first day we met Medina and her siblings. This was a kingdom moment - one to yet be fully revealed.

That gesture – stopping for ones that God placed in front of us – began a journey with this family, we call Jessica’s family. Jessica, a social worker on that visiting team was captured by the pressing need of the family and became involved with intervention work with them right away. Thus the name - Jessica's family.

Over the past 18 months, LAMb with the help of many sponsors has provided humanitarian aid to this family, including a complete apartment makeover last April. However, one particular challenge confronted us every time we visited the family. Little Medina, due to an accident, was blind in one eye and her appearance was greatly impacted by it. We wondered could something be done. The answer came months later - YES!

You can just imagine how very self conscious this beautiful young girl felt everyday of her life.

Medina's life changed with the events of last week. Here is the note from Natalia:

I took Medina and Ainura –her mother to eye hospital. Today Medina got her new eye lense. The doctor taught Medina and her mother how to put the eye lense in and out and how to keep it clean.

Medina was so happy today I have never seen her like that. Her mother said so many warm words to you and the people who are involved in that. They both were so appreciative and grateful.
                          Medina's smile speaks volumes.
           The doctor, Medina and her mother.

David and I are learning experientially more and more all the time that life changing ministry happens in small things – a hand extended in love, a gift of encouragement, hope given for the future. All of these are wrapped in this gift of restoration for beautiful Medina from a couple in West Chester, Ohio who wanted to make a difference.

Thank you all who have given to the on-going ministry of LAMb International. Your gifts open doors just like this one.

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