Sunday, November 8, 2009

Home and Many Changes

Once we experienced the work in Kyrgyzstan and grew to love the people there, something happened in us. Our focus changed. As Kay Warren wrote - one becomes divinely ruined for the life they once knew when they experience the depth of need in another place. In large part, that is what has happened to us. We love our friends and family here, of course, but our hearts and minds are often centered in another place.

Over two years ago, one of the things that we made a decision to do as we sought God's leadership was to sell our home. It is a large one located in a beautiful neighborhood. We love our home. However, selling it would give us more financial freedom to do the work to which we feel called. We received word during our last week there that indeed, after over two years of waiting, our home sold. We arrived home late last Sunday night to the reality that we now have many changes. The first being, we move in ten days. WOW!

We are so excited regarding the days ahead. David will be very much involved with a local church in Dayton, preaching and supporting the pastor while we are here. I will continue my work in training social workers full-time.

Our plans are to return to Kyrgyzstan in the spring and also the fall to be more involved in teaching and training. David already is preparing coursework for the three courses he will be teaching at the new International University of Central Asia (formerly the Professional Institute) in the spring. I will also be teaching composition and journalism there, plus all the unknowns God has for us as we work with the government officials and university officials on development of a child welfare teaching and training program.

I had hoped to update the journal with some incredible stories...that will come in the weeks ahead...right now....working, packing and moving will fill our time until Thanksgiving. Please check back for some incredible stories of some very special people.