Saturday, October 2, 2010

Winter Threatens Homeless Seniors

Can you image for one moment, being elderly and alone? Can you imagine for one moment being elderly, alone and hungry? Can you imagine for one moment being elderly, alone, hungry and sick?

Thousands of precious elderly around the world spend their every waking moment wondering who will come or if anyone will come to help them. Homeless and forsaken by family, they are left to die alone.

The harsh reality is that our team here is Krygyzstan cannot make a difference for the hundreds of thousands around the world. But, with the help of those who have captured our vision, we have made a difference in Kemin, Krygyzstan.

Many of you have followed our blog for over two years now and know of the efforts of a family, who by themselves stepped up to provide care, shelter and love to the homeless in Kemin. Their efforts have been remarkable.  Many of you have offered help in many ways – providing money for food, clothes, blankets and money for a heating system.  God's people have been incredible in their response. About two weeks ago, we learned of another life-threatening need for this homeless shelter.  They have a heating system, but no coal to put into it.

In this short video, David introduces you to the family who cares for soon-to-be 20 residents and to the need they have. Some of our friends at home have offered to help.

If for any reason, you would like to share in this need, please contact us and will we let you know how.

Thank you for sharing our journey.

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