Saturday, October 24, 2009

LAMb's Humanitarian Projects

A dynamic thing about being here is working with our team partners, Lynn and Ruby Johnston. They share our vision and passion for the people and work here. While here, they regularly publish a journal to keep their friends, family and supporters updated on the unique work being done. Their last journal, just released this morning, really shows the incredible need and the work in which we all share...and you do to as you have given to the work here.

From Lynn and Ruby
We took a large amount of medical supplies to the Baby Hospital on Monday. They were very appreciative and excited to have many of the items. These items are all donated by Med Wish from Ohio. In the previous visit a few days before, the head doctor, Dr. Anara, told us of her desire to train/teach her staff. We told her about our next visitor to join us – a doctor from Atlanta, Georgia who is well-schooled in child abuse. We went over the entire lecture possibilities with Dr. Anara and she was more than ecstatic. We will translate all of the material for the possibilities and she will host a series of lectures for community doctors in the Spring with our visiting doctor from Atlanta. This is amazing.

So in the spring – Series of lectures for the medical staff Series of lectures for police, social workers and other professionals Imagine – one week of intensive professional development to an audience that is both eager and appreciative of having such professional teaching. We are very excited about offering this training week for them.

NEW KITCHEN FOR THE MATERNITY WARD AT THE BABY HOSPITAL: We were asked to renovate the kitchen at the baby hospital – for a small cost of about $400. We have three donors of $100 for the project, so we said START! Valadie, our trusted friend, will oversee the project. This kitchen serves all the maternity ward and is in desperate need of some help. Construction underway – anyone want to donate the last $100? They have no cupboards, no counters – what you see is what they have

Here is the kitchen sink at the baby hospital. They use a two burner hot plate for food. Should any gifts come in over the amount needed for the baby hospital, they will be used for further renovation projects there.

We delivered the medical supplies to Dr. Jitsun and she was ecstatic. Again, she is so thankful for our help. She took us on a tour of the intensive care unit and it was quite depressing. She was asking for help. The floor is badly broken and the bathroom in deplorable condition. The one bathroom serves the entire intensive care ward. (see pictures below) Her question: Could we help? She is getting the cost for the floor and we will take Valadie over to estimate repairing/renovating the bathroom to a decent room for them. She wanted us to take pictures to show our sponsors. The hospital serves both adults and children. Another opportunity to serve.

The unbelievable bathroom in the intensive care unit at the local hospital .

The floor in the intensive care unit.

This glimpse at LAMb's journal really gives just a microscoptic look at the overwhelming needs here. If you are interested in sharing specifically with these projects or giving generally to the work of LAMb, please email us or
Thank you for sharing the journey with us. We enter our last week here and much to do. We arrive home on November 1 to another chapter. We plan to return to this, our 2nd home, in mid March.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

From David's Perspective

Greetings to all of you and thank you for checking up on us from time to time! Jayne has done a great job keeping you posted on some of the sights and sounds of the beautiful country and beautiful people.

Many of you shared your resources with us to bring and give as we felt led. Thank you for that and I truly believe you would be pleased to see the joy and appreciation in the faces of those to whom it was given. Everything from coal for a single mom and her three adopted children, to a dinner at the orphanage, to a remodeled kitchen for a baby hospital to tuition for two college students, clothes for children, a food drop for 200 invalid men and so much more. On top of all the above, Jayne has done a lot of training and I have had the opportunity to speak, teach and counsel many people.

Last Sunday, the 18th, we visited brothers and sisters of like mind in the capital city, which included a medical doctor and his family. It was a time of harvest celebration. After the two hour morning meeting, we were gathering our things to leave. I found myself surrounded by many people. The leader of the meeting told me those people wanted me to counsel with them. I worked with each one personally. Over two hours were spent in talking with each one of them individually. It was an incredible experience. Our plans for a Sunday afternoon trip to the mountains were laid down for this ever important time with very special people.

Preparing to celebrate the bounty of this fall's harvest.

David cuts the harvest bread.

This couple were just two of many who stayed two hours after our meeting to talk with David. The emotional, physical and financial needs here are overwhelming.

We will be home November 1 and look forward to seeing each one of you and thanking you for your incredible gifts to the work here. As we close out our brief time here, we will spend this week making plans for our extended return in March. We feel so privileged to be able to work with and walk with the people who have crossed our path.