Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Krygz Moment Today - Visiting Arafat

We had visited a number of times in a small village during our time here in 2008, but we never saw him.  It wasn't until a visit to that village in the spring of 2009, that we met Arafat, a toddler with a severe cleft palette. He had been kept hidden from the outside world because of his problem.  One afternoon, his parents cautiously brought him out for us to see...and the rest is history.  We posted the need for his surgery on our blog. Within a few hours, finances came into cover his first surgery and the aftercare. First surgery was completed successfully.

Now this fall, our young friend is having his second surgery, which will begin the work on closing the pallete.  On Wednesday, the day before his procedure, we stopped in the hospital to see him and his beautiful young mom.  Dad planned to come for the day of the surgery as he was home with a younger brother.

Here is our Krgyz Moment Today - Visiting Arafat

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