Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Why we are eager to return

David and I are eager to return to Krygyzstan in a few short weeks....There are many reasons why....

There is our friend, Pastor Elenya - whom we love and deeply respect...whose journey of healing from cancer we chronicled last year. We have just a glimpse of the incredible needs of this adoptive mom, her children and her church.

There is a single mom, her beautiful daughter, her mom and sister - doing all they can to make it...waiting for words of support. Galina, holding her daughter, will help us with translation this trip
There is Valera and Luba - a family where a lot of healing has happened...waiting for words of encouragement...

There is an awesome group of kids at the orphanage waiting for lots of hugs.... and maybe an English lesson or two...

There are excited, committed students , Vitali and Tedros, who start back to the new university this fall - whose scholarships come from dear friends here.

There are the village kids....beautiful, precious children... it is such a joy to simply love them

There are the precious seniors living in a shelter who simply asked us all - will you come back? For our entire team, the answer was yes.

Thank you for all of your support. We will be in Krygyzstan for the month of October.