Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Behind the Scenes of "An Evening Dedicated to Hope"

This Friday and Saturday holds great anticiaption for the team members of LAMb International and Possibilities International. We are gathering at two different locations to share our heart about the orphan care ministries and other humanitarian ministries we partner in together in Central Asia. Over 35 people are coming from out of state. We will have adults and children from Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekastan here as well.

Something incredible has happened in the planning of these two evenings for which David and I are extremely humbled. In a casual conversation with a friend of mine, Robin Wientge, I mentioned we were thinking about doing this. Her daughter has been in Ukraine for almost a near now working in orphanages and schools. She asked me to let her help....she gathered a crew and they got to work on planning incredible decorations. See the pictures below, which give just a small glimpse of what's ahead. I was thrilled beyond words.

A few days later, two friends of mine, Kay Carlise and Phyllis Haynes, talked to me about the upcoming "events" as we now call them. They asked what we were serving and I told them desserts. Kay said, "how are you doing those?" I replied, "Haven't got that far yet." She and Phyllis enthusiastically responded, "we will take care of that! " WOW!

THEN, a few days later, while having dinner with two missionary friends, Rick and Jane Taylor, we shared about the "events" and the luncheon I was planning for 40+ people coming in on Saturday afternoon. "Let me do the luncheon for you," Jane told me. WOW! WOW!

AND ONE MORE, another friend, Tish Lay, offered to help me clean the house and get it ready! WOW! WOW! WOW!

All the other details that are coming together are being done by Lynn and Ruby Johnston, John and Julie Wright, Randy and Kim Gebele. I have simply mentioned things and people step up! What a team they are!

I sit here this very snowy afternoon, extremely appreciative to my friends who captured our vision. This weekend David and I will be hosting the Wright family in our home, managing two major events, hosting 40+ for lunch. I should be running around with much to do...yet, I am sitting here enjoying this wonderful afternoon relaxed and ready for whatever God will do.

We want to say thank you - thank you for all your help as your partner in HOPE with us for the orphans and needy of Central Asia.....

In the workroom of our church, Countryside Community Church of Lebanon, Ohio, the creative minds Dee Dee Stone, Debbie Jayne and Robin Wientage, plan the evening's theme.

Robin wraps "gift of HOPE" boxes.
An artist's work in progress...I don't know how people think of such awesome things!

A glimpse at the table decorations.
The details:
An Evening Dedicated to Hope: Highlighting the Orphan Care Ministries in Central Asia

This is one mission event you don't want to miss. It will like no other you have ever been to.
Friday, January 30 – 7 P.M. Crossroads Community Church 3500 Madison Rd. Cincinnati, Ohio 513-731-7400

Saturday, January 31 – 7 P.M. Living Hope Community Church1150 West Spring Valley Pike, Centerville, Ohio 937-433-2773