Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Making a Difference One Candle at a Time

What can the light of one candle do?  Dispel the darkness.  What can the light of over 729 candles do?  Just imagine. 

In early October we announced the incredible gift of StarwickCandles - all the profits from the candles sold that month would go into the work of the Dayspring Family Resource Center in Krygyzstan.

Jen Hauk and Carrie Combs caught the vision and spent hours and hours of work getting the candles made and shipped. Jen, who is the owner of Starwick Candles, and Carrie, are a key part of the newly formed Lamplight Orphan Care Ministry in our church - The Shelter Community Church in Dayton, Ohio.

We are so excited to announce what happen!  Over $2,800 dollars has been given to the ministry of Dayspring. With the matching gift promise that really means $5,600. Now coats, shoes, boots, clothes, school supplies, nutritional items, etc...will fill the cabinets of the new foster family home.

All that will happen because our friend, Jen, made 729 candles.  Jen and her dear friend, Carrie, spent countless hours in preparing the orders, making contacts, making the candles, getting them shipped out....and a thousand things we don't even know about.

These candles will light the homes of hundreds of familes and friends across the US. They also light hope into the lives of abused and neglected children in Tokmok, Krgyzstan.

THANK YOU JEN AND CARRIE and the many, many who helped you!  What an incredible blessing you are in our lives.

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