Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Time is Close - Part of the Team is on the Ground

The last few weeks for us have ben richly blessed with a lot of training work - both in and out of state, a mission event hosting 54 folks of like-mind and a move to our new home.  Now that is almost all behind us, David and I can begin to think about packing and preparing for our return to Kyrgyzstan in 9 days...we are getting excited.  I can remember the first time we went in the spring of 2008.  I started packing 30 days ahead of time.  Nine days out and I think I know where the suitcases are...somewhere. 

Two-thirds of the team are now on the ground - Lynn and Ruby arrived on Monday and the Wrights arrived just a few hours ago.  To keep up with the news and excitement, please visit their blogs.  (I told them I wouldn't read their blogs because I would have jealously issues).  But I will and they know we can't resist!

Here are their addresses:

and the Wrights


Much is happening already!