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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Kelly and Madame Kelly,Joseph, Antonio, Melissa, Cindy,Cristina, Natalia, Alina and Many Other True Servants...Equipping for the Call

About three weeks ago, serving with Back2Back, we stepped off the plane in Haiti to connect, share and train adults who work with orphaned and vulnerable children in a very devastated place.  The amazing people there are no longer just names on a training list, but friends and colleagues..  We have talked with them, heard their stories prayed with them and saw their daily sacrifice.

Our training which focuses on trauma and loss began the day of the 5th anniversary of the devastating earthquake - January 12th.  Amidst such memories of devastation, we talked, we prayed, and we laughed with dedicated people who work with children in one of the most difficult places in the world. We experienced such a connection with these folks.

Yesterday, we finished three days of training with those in Romania who do the exact same work.  These incredible, sacrificial people are also now our friends and co-laborers. We know their names and many of their stories.

What we found in Haiti, in Romania and everywhere we have had the privilege to go is this:  There are amazing people who are stepping up to answer a call and a vision – a world without orphans.  A phrase coined a number of years ago in Ukraine, has become a movement across the globe.   Many who have answered the call are now moving to the most critical piece - to be equipped to do the work. 

These new friends  we know them by name. We have heard their passion and their determination to be equipped to carry out the vision of a Romania without Orphans - a national movement spreading across the country within churches.

It is our heart’s desire as we walk with the ministry of Back2Back and alongside the ministries of Orphan’sPromise, Lamb International and Livada Orphan Care in training that God will do a transformative work in all of us.  We hope that it is a work of God that enables all of us who touch the heart of a wounded child (or adult/caregiver) to truly be able to see life from the lenses of that wounded child and to know how to compassionately connect to that broken hearted child in order to walk him through the pain to a life of wholeness.

Partnerships that Spread the Message and Help to Lighten the Load

These organizations have partnered together in the creation, presentation and distribution of the three day Becoming a Trauma Competent Caregiver training series, which is now in 14 languages.

Scenes from Haiti - January 12-16

Jimmy, a Back2Back captain and Jenna, US Haiti coordinator are preparing for the group to come.

Doing a demonstration

A youngster at Imagine Missions - a home with over 100 children with so many needs!!

Jenna knows these beautiful little kiddos and they were excited to see her.

The playground at Harvest Care, a home that partners with Back2Back.

Scenes from Romania this week

Psychologists,school teachers, home directors, social workers and  adoptive parents were all part of our training group.

These young ladies work as psychologists with Livida Orphan Care in Romania.

Luminita shares with the group.  She is the director of  Kiwi Foundation.

Preparing for Nurture Groups
Making their How Does Your Engine Run Plates....preparing for alot of fun
Practicing the first lesson for Nurture groups.

More preparation...

Learning to respect personal space...

Corina is an adoptive mom and has touched the lives of hundreds of children since her teenage years. Very amazing story. 

We return on Sunday to continue our new work with Back2Back.  We are very excited as we look to the creation of follow-up strategies to the training, the further development of their 5 Point Child Development Plan and working with implementation at each of their six sites.

The journey continues ....