Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Week of May 12 - Highlighting Tuesday

This past week was so full of new and interesting events, we wanted to share it in pictures.

Here's Tuesday
David has been asked to fill a leadership role as spiritual director in the new Professional Institute in Tokmok. This school is to open in the fall and promises to be one of the top schools in Krygystan as it grows.
Each Tuesday, the Professional Institute board meets. Dr. John Clark (blue shirt) and Dr. Kamilla, founders of the American University in Krygyzsstan, are now key people guiding the development of this new school.

We spent Tuesday evening at the Tokmok orphanage eating dinner with the kids, playing games and having a great time. We understand one of the children will leave there in June for her new adoptive home in the US.

After a fun-filled playtime, the children gathered for a devotion and prayer time.

We don't know anything yet about this incredible little seven year old, but he captured my heart!

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