Monday, May 19, 2008

The Week of May 12 - Highlighting Thursday

Last Thursday was the quietest day of the week for us. We went to Bishkek for shopping and to deal with our lugguage situation. We had no resolution and without a mirculous intervention, it is lost. Our next issue, which we are finding equally as hard, is trying to get compensation for the loss. We are getting the run around again and it is so difficult to try and manage this with the language barrier.

We have moved on from the lugguage/compensation issue in terms of trying to deal with it almost every day. There are so many more important things to focus on and we have made the conscious choice to do that. Right after we made that decision we had an incredible offer for help and that is two adoptive families are coming to Krygyzstan and to Tokmok on May 25th. They had offered to buy clothes for us from a list we will send.....what a gift to us.

The picture below is our group that met for lunch on Thursday at a very nice restaurant. Two of the couples are adoptive families visiting children they will be adopting in July. One of the unexpected things we will be doing is meeting adoptive families who come to Tokmok. I am excited about that!

Thursday was a great day...
The journey continues...

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Butch & Tracy said...

Thank goodness for adoptive families!!! LOL. If we were coming there we would bring something too... I bet it was nice to sit and have their company in a nice resturant.