Monday, May 19, 2008

The Week of May 12- An Incredible Friday

We have heard of it for years. We participated in it for years. But we never got to see the results - until Friday. What are we talking about - the delivery of Samaritan Purse's incredible shoeboxes. We visited a Chinese muslim village on Friday, enjoyed a school performance and had the great joy of passing out the shoeboxes full of wonderful gifts for the children. It was an experience beyond words!

Getting ready to load the truck.
Filling the trucks with boxes for 500 children at the Chinese muslim village school.

These boxes, we understand arrived from England. The ministry spans the globe.

Over 500 children packed the auditorium for a beautiful program.

Scenes from the program. I hope to have video of this added next week.

These beautiful young girls are 2nd graders.

Opening the shoeboxes. One of the things we learned is that there is a general shortage of boxes for boys. We will pass that word on.

The children were so excited and so apprecitative. It will be a day we won't forget!

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Butch & Tracy said...

The children are beautiful! I can not imagine the excitment they felt in recieving a gift. Wonderful... How great that you all got to see it happen.