Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Beginning the new week - Experiences from Sunday

David was asked to preach in a very small village church about 30 minutes from where we live. It was a great joy to be in this small church, led by a single woman pastor. She is also an adoptive mom and we met her two children, Veka, age 6 and Timothy, 1. I will share a prayer need for her at the end of this blog.

From David
Jayne and I were picked up this past Sunday morning, May 18, and driven to a small poor village about 30 minutes east of Tokmok. The pastor is a lady named Elayna whom I had met on an earlier trip. She was in one of the pastors’ conferences at which Jerry Heatherly and I taught.

There were about 35 people at the church. Very poor, very trapped in a lifestyle of extreme poverty and needs of every kind. I’m always asked to pray for individual needs and the stories I hear are heartbreaking to say the least. I have no answers or solutions except to touch them, bless them, speak words of life to them, pray for them and break the curses that have bound them. Once again, there were no men in the church with one exception – only women and children.

We had dinner at the pastor’s house, which is also the church building. She served fried eggs, dried fruit, bread, tea and nuts. It was her best and we loved it. We blessed her for it. We left her small gift, 500 soms, about $14.00. She was most grateful.

Briefly allow me to relate what I spoke about in the morning service. My text was from Colossians 2:6-9.

Verse 6 says that having received Christ, we are to continue in the journey by walking in Him. So many times we begin, but, tragically never finish. Verse 8 says that we need to be mindful of the deception of this world that has the capacity to pull us back into it.
I then took the liberty to share with them how it is that I have walked with Christ for 43 years.

My walk with Christ has continued to this moment by my…

1. SHOWING UP- no matter what else is going on-or not going on
2. PAYING ATTENTION – to what God is doing and saying
3. DOING WHAT I AM TOLD – the key to the miraculous (and I have seen many)

When we see what we see here, feel what we feel here, we simply say, “Come quickly, Lord Jesus.”

Thank you for your prayers and words of encouragement…the journey continues.

A need: Pastor Elayna is a single mom, pastoring a church, caring for the sick and elderly in her village. She also is the spiritual coordinator at the orphanage for disabled children. Elayna is in desparate need of health restoring dental work. We are attempting to find out how we can help her. If you would be interested in helping us with her dental care, please email me at jayeschool@aol.com.

Keeping a Promise

Robin, we kept our end of the bargain :)


Andrew said...

Jayne: I know a very good, highly educated dentist that you might want to contact. I have sent the contact info to your email.



rwientge said...

LOL....LOL.....LOL... My check is on the way!

Amy said...

David and Jayne 'Beverly', (haha)

Your niece, Amy, here!
(The rest of the Wilda crew is checking in often as well, just wanted you to know.)

We are so proud of you!!
I'd be happy to help with the dental costs....just let me know.
a c york @ msn.com

Hugs and blessings,