Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Week of May 12 - No One Day the Same!

This past week has been one of different experiences, thoughts and emotions every day. The week begin with a Monday morning trip to an orphanage about 30 minutes from where we live in Tokmok. We arrived at Olovka mid-morning and were greeted by beautiful children. We were invited on this incredible day by John and Julie Wright and their daughters, Emma and Rebakah. To capture the depth of their ministry, visit How God is using this family is awesome to watch. They spend much of their time each week simply loving on kids growing up in orphanages. When you think of it, there is nothing simple about touch or a word a child won’t forget because someone took the time to develop a relationship with him and tell him about the love of God.

MONDAY -Sights from Olovoka -May 12
Emma Wright and one of the beautiful girls at the orphanage.

A visiting adoptive mom greets the kids as we arrive.

Bekah Wright spends two days a week with her family ministering to the kids at Olovka.

David is holding Angelia. We just learned this week that her mother died, leaving her an orphan.

John Wright opens a duffle bag full of hats and mittens from a group in Canada. What a gift for the cold winter ahead!

Let the fun begin.....finger painting with the children who are not yet school age or for some reason are not in school

We all had fun finger painting and below, mission accomplished -
everyone has paint on everything!

Mission accomplished - everyone has paint on everything!

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Andrew said...

Wonderful, wonderful pictures. praying for you all!