Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Week of May 12 - Highlighting Wednesday

Wednesday morning I had the privilege of speaking with four classes of students at the nearby School of Blessings, a Christian school founded by Mercy Foundation. It was a great time of connection with the kids and their teacher, Galina.

Later that day, we returned to the Olovoka orphanage, dropped off Emma and Bekah there and went to call on some village folks. Here are the sights we saw on Wednesday afternoon.

Off in the distance is a cemetary. They bury their dead high on a hill so they can still watch over their flocks.

This is a a typical barn scene. We also see lots of cows and sheep walking down the road, right alongside of cars, trucks and donkey carts.

A typical village backyard.

Farming the fields of corn.

The cadillac of the village.

Sharing a drink of sour milk...actually it was good (with alot of sugar!)

These last two pictures are of a family we called on. They asked David to pray for the grandmother.

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