Wednesday, September 14, 2011

All in a Day

It is late Wednesday afternoon and in a few hours about 13 IUCA students will be coming for dinner.  However, I didn't want to let the events from yesterday slip by without recording them.

Mid-Morning Tuesday
Right after morning devotions at Mercy Foundation, the LAMb team went to the bazaar for a buying trip for the Men's Home and the Kemin Senior's Home....quick trip though the bazaar, a stop at the wholesale ice cream store for ice cream, and stopping back at the Foundation to pick up some more folks to go with us and off we went.

We arrived at the men's home to the always waiting crowd.  When I think of them is all they have to do...waiting for someone to come to see them, to know that they are there.  As I looked around at the men there, what I really saw were little boys. Although their bodies grew, they remain little boys on the inside - stuck in what feels to us, a hopeless place.   There are many needs here and in a future blog I will share them. One of our translators told us yesterday that the men  are afraid that winter might come.   It was like they hoped there was a way to avoid that reality....Reality is that it will.   Two winters ago over 70 men died there from the cold (inside the building) and starvation.  They have no heat in their dining area..but that is another blog to come.

Here are the pictures from yesterday at the men's home....

The visiting crew - Mercy Foundation staff are seeing the men's home
as a ministry outreach.

 Ludmila is making her second delivery of over 1,000 eggs

Peaches, peaches and more peaches

Ice cream, ice cream and more ice cream

This gentleman is in charge of the art room where many projects are created
and sold to help  resupply the art room.
 This is part of LAMb's mission to restore dignity by rehabilitation and development.
After we finished delivery, we visited some of the project needs in the building, which we will talk about at a later time.

Off to the Senior's Home
LAMb has been involved in the senior's home from the very beginning and every time we visit there we see improvement. This home was established for homeless elderly.  It started with 8 grandmother and grandfathers and now is home to 25.  The greatest need here for them is coal for winter!

We lovingly now call Ludmilla the "egg lady" because she is on  a mission!
 She is bringing scores of eggs to the senior's home as well.
This is her first trip here, but I know won't be her last.

Visiting with Katya...

Lydia really misses Ruby..she asked for her.   A number of months ago, Lydia was able to return home to live with her only daughter. However, a number of weeks ago, her daughter died unexpectedly and she again was homeless.   She is also going blind....."please tell Ruby to come," she said.

Praying with Katya

Touring more renovation on the second floor....  

Stopping for tea before heading back to Tokmok.

A Wonderful Conclusion to the Day
Aihan, a student from IUCA, spent the summer in Waynesville with Ruby's sister, Caroline and her family.   We had the privilege last night of having dinner in her home. It was such an honor to be asked and it was a wonderful, wonderful dinner. Aihan and her mother gave us a tour of their spacious, beautiful home, garden and "mini" farm.   It was so special to us to see Aihan in her home as she has visited with us in America.

Aihan's mom prepared a wonderful meal for us.

Aihan and her mom....her brother wasn't home yet
and her younger sister is studying in Bishkek.

What a surprise and treasured gift!

Aibek came home after his football game for a quick dinner before taking us back to Tokmok.
 He is an incredible young man as well. 
Our very short 17 days here ends very early Saturday morning, but it has been a joy to be here...regretting that we are not staying longer this trip

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