Friday, September 9, 2011

What We See Almost Everyday

Almost every day we have been here this trip, we have been on the campus of the International University of Central Asia  (IUCA).  This infant university is transforming the lives of its students and we see it every day.  These dynamic young people have a dream to impact their country in their chosen professions. Most have the character and integrity to do just that.

But, also what we see most everyday is the nearly crippling financial need of most of the students.  Raising tuition $100 or $200 a year for us at home is really nothing, but raising it here could make the difference between a student even entering the university as costs rise. Just today, the student we sponsor wanted to go to Bishkek to a conference tomorrow, but literally didn't have the 100 soms ($2.00) need for transportation and lunch.  Of course, he is going tomorrow...we couldn't let him miss this opportunity.

David and I carry the deep concern for these precious young people. We don't have the knowledge or skill on how to help raise funds for scholarships, etc.  Our friend, John Wright has come up with a wonderful plan, and we want to help him get the word out, but feel so inadequate to do even that.

Let me briefly share what the plan is and it sounds so simple.  We need 20 churches across the world who would say..."we will support the scholarship fund for 12 students."  That would be $50 a month per student.   When he proposed that to us, it sounded perfect, but how do we even get that word out? 

Maybe some of you reading this have done something like this and can offer help and assistance to us.  John has created a wonderful website about the scholarship fund and students are pictured there.  Here is the website:

If you have ideas about how to help us get the word out...please let us know.  I just wish you could see what we see in the lives of these awesome young people.

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