Friday, September 16, 2011

Winding Down and Heading Home

It is 8:30 pm and in about four hours the van will come to pick us up and take us to the airport.  Saying good-bye is always difficult and perhaps even more so this time.  We were much more personally involved in one-to-one conversations and ministry and felt deeply connected to many people - Mercy Foundation folks and the students. Also, we are uncertain as to when we will be back.  That makes saying good-bye a bit different this time.

However, I wanted to capture our last few days here so as to not forget them.

IUCA Students for Dinner
Celebrating a job well done, we had a number of the IUCA students over for dinner. What we were celebrating is the completion of their summer work in the US and how much they have learned and experienced.  Four of the young people worked in Alaska at a center for the developmentally disabled. Others worked in fast food restaurants, amusement parks and other opportunities. We are so proud of them for giving their best.

Aihan, (Ohio), Ulan, Eliza, Mahabat (Alaska), Daliya(Ill) and Altynai, (Alaska)....
most of them are planning a return trip next summer.

Genyia - my life can make a difference in someone else's
A number of our friends had the opportunity to meet both of the visiting students from Kyrgyzstan that were living in families on our area.   Genyia stayed the summer with John and Robin Wientge and family - neither party will ever be the same.

Last weekend we met Genyia in Bishkek.
We had the privilege of having lunch with Genyia when we first arrived. We talked with her about a number of things, but David asked her a very important question. "How do you see yourself as changed?  She answer, "I now understand that my life can make a difference in someone else's."  She told us that she wanted to do some volunteer work and of course, we were excited about that.  Today, she met us again to make a very important connection.

A Serious Conversation
Genyia had the opportunity to meet Christy Wall, who serves with a work to disabled children and families in this area of the country.  She works in orphanages, helps families parenting disabled children, works in a children's hospital..and much more.  She shared many opportunities with Geniya today.

Geniya looks extremely serious in this photo, but she is really excited about the many things
Christy shared with her .  As we left, we overhead them making plans to visit the
children's hospital after Geniya's classes on Tuesday.  
"My life can make a difference in another."   

We have been involved in some way in Kyrygzstan since the fall of 2007.  We love the people here and are committed to them.  We are looking to God for direction and how He desires to use the love He has put in us to serve these beautiful, warm and loving people of this hurting and broken country.

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