Monday, September 24, 2012

Celebrating Hope

We arrived home early this morning after an incredible trip to Kyrygzstan.  What made it so incredible is that God enabled us to meet and work with orphanage caregivers and social workers who experienced trauma-informed training for the first time. They were so engaged, receptive and appreciative of the information
Over these three packed weeks, we were able to introduce the nine essential elements of trauma informed care, combined with the Trust-Based Relational Intervention principles (TBRI) of Dr. Karen Purvis.  Teaching the  "why" of the  essential elements of trauma informed care was only half the equation.  Sharing the principles of TBRI was the "how-to."  It was fun to see the groups process the material and then apply it to their own working situation.
 We wanted to share this experienced with you...

We are so appreciate to Lynn and Ruby who set up the training oppportunity for us. We made many new friends and our list of who we care about in Kyrgzstan has grown.

Thank you taking the time to read our blog. It means alots..  

Just and FYI.....David returns to Kyrygzstan in two weeks for a time of meetings at the univerisity.

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