Saturday, October 13, 2012

A Little More Than Green

Just got off skype talking with David. He is currently back in Kyrygzstan for some very important and critical meetings at the International Univeristy of Central Asia.  Anyway, he asked me, "did you see the Wright's blog yet." No, I hadn't had a chance yet.  So why we were talking, I took a look.  Here is what I saw:

Today was reunion day for many of the children we knew at the Tokmok orphanage. Since the orphanage was closed a couple of years ago, the children were scattered to other orphanges, back to relatives or aged out.  I could'nt believe what I saw...and there in the front in the brown jacket was our buddy Victor.   Slavic is here too as well as Nastya, Iback, Maksat,Colya, etc....I have to admit, I am more than a little green with envy. 

David along with John and Julie look like they are having a great time. I understand Emma Wright put this whole thing together.  What an awesome memory for all of them!

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